Xbox One’s Biggest Reversal: Whose winning now?

B Id 387609 Xbox One Xbox Ones Biggest Reversal: Whose winning now?

What seemed like an epic win for Sony Computer Entertainment on June 10th, at E3 2013 seems to have reached a new tide. Microsoft is back with a bang, with a policy that allows it to retain the hardcore Xbox fans (who were dubious about their console’s fate) and imbibe some more for the upcoming generation of games and consoles. This was a direct result of all that outcry made by hardcore Xbox fans to see the PS boys jiving so much in this meme generation.

As published on the 19th of June from Microsoft, the upcoming Xbox One will work exactly the same way as the current Xbox 360 does. Especially when it comes to sharing games. Owners have full ownership to sell, share or buy used games. Yes, there will be no restrictive policies for game preservation and DRM. The console wars will continue as they did in the past, especially between the two giants Xbox and PS4.

Now the big question is who is leading? Seriously, even a Playstation boy like me would tell, I don’t know. PS4 needs to boast of its ability to run games in the offline while the Xbox would ask for an online confirmation on the first time you insert the disc. Firstly, I don’t live off my parents. TBH, there have been days when I could just about purchase a game on first day and would lack the money to recharge my 2Mbps internet connection. I mean why would I even care for MP/Online as long as the game was new to me and I could beat the Single Player mode whole-heartedly (taking my own sweet time).

Secondly, if you are indeed going into multiplayer games, both Xbox One and PS4 would ask you to sign up with their respective networks in order to access the online aspects of the game. I’m looking forward to Elder Scrolls: Online big, big time, so whosoever I might choose, I will need to shell out that amount. The Xbox Gold Subscription stands at $ 10 to $ 60, while the PSN costs you around Rs. 3000 (I count it like an Indian because I’m subscribed to it and hate conversion maths) for the entire year (including free games like Infamous 2 and Uncharted 1 from time to time). On PS3, you can still play online games without signing up, on PS4 you just can’t.

The hardware of the two consoles look all spears and swords drawn, neutralizing each other’s strengths. Single Chip x86 AMD Jaguar processor, 8 cores (PS4 CPU) to 8 Core Microsoft custom CPU. 8 Gb GDDR5 RAM (PS4) to 8 Gb DDR3 (Xbox) and loads more. However, the Always On Kinect Feature has not been reversed in terms of how it operates yet.

The PS3 launch massacre gave Sony a great morale boost to just win it in the price war, it stands at a hundred dollars lesser than the Xbox One, with its own TV, live stream, Movies and Share features. With a hundred dollars more, you get a complete home entertainment system as revealed by Microsoft for Xbox One. If you want to pay a hundred dollars more, for an all powerful entertainment solution (including gaming) go ahead with Microsoft. There is no denial that the Xbox One will be more entertaining in its non-gaming sphere.

But if I get this right, console gamers are always about who gets the best of titles. Metal Gear Solid V was initially speculated to be an Xbox exclusive, but soon it was revealed that it is coming out on the PS4 as well. Similarly, Destiny (by Bungie and Activision) was initially revealed to be a PS4 asset, but the developers have emerged with a conviction to sell the title for multiple platforms, including Xbox One. Order 1886, Killzone: Shadow Fall and Infamous: Second Son are pure Playstation offerings, while Xbox can seriously win a debate by what we saw of Ryse: Son of Rome and Dead Rising 3. Plus this is just the beginning, as I’m sure a new Fable or a new Uncharted might show up any given day in the long run.

Are you as confused as to which console to go for as I am? The comments section can be a damn good place to start a console war.

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