Why Titanfall PC Install Takes Up 50GB of Space

Why Titanfall PC Install Takes Up 50GB of Space

Now that Titanfall has started hitting shelves, PC gamers have been venting their feelings about why the game takes up 50 gigabytes of space on your hard disk drive. On the contrary, the Xbox One install takes up roughly 17GB.

There’s a reason for that, and that is, well, audio, as explained by Respawn to Eurogamer.

The PC install of Titanfall consists of 35GB of uncompressed audio. Most games use compressed audio which takes up considerably less space.

Reason for lossless flac quality audio? Respawn lead engineer Richard Baker explains that that allows the game’s data to work with less capable PC configurations. Having uncompressed audio saves the effort required from the CPU’s side who has to otherwise spend resources to decode compressed audio.

The Xbox One, on the other hand has audio decode built into the hardware.

We have audio we either download or install from the disc, then we uncompress it. We probably could have had audio decompress off disc but we were a little worried about min spec and the fact that a two-core machine would dedicate a huge chunk of one core to just decompressing audio.

So… it’s almost all audio… On a higher PC it wouldn’t be an issue. On a medium or moderate PC, it wouldn’t be an issue, it’s that on a two-core [machine] with where our min spec is, we couldn’t dedicate those resources to audio.

So there you go, that is why you need to delete your less-frequented pornography to play Titanfall on the PC (that’s what I had to do).

Titanfall might have been subject to a lot of bad publicity recently, with the final version running at just 792p native resolution and struggling to hit 60FPS on the Xbox One, and still not looking that great. It is still worthy to note that Titanfall’s minimum PC requirements are very modest, and we have to commend Respawn for that, to say the least.

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