We unbox 3 PC retail games ordered from Flipkart to show the sad state of packaging

It’s true that retail games in India are cheap when compared to the rest of the world. But that doesn’t change the fact that they come in embarrassingly cheap and shoddy packaging. To make matters worse, PC games did come in international standard packaging a few years back, but it seems the distributors are heading south with the quality since. Time has not been a friend to quality, contrary to popular belief.

We at iLLGaming unbox 3 games ordered from Flipkart to show you the current situation. Hopefully the distributors pick this up and feel our pain, and introduce better packaging, especially for PC games.

These are the games we ordered:

  • Splinter Cell: Ultimate Edition (Contains 5 Splinter Cell games) – Rs. 499
  • Dawn of War II – Rs. 699
  • Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising – Rs. 299

Are you bothered by the packaging quality? Express your views in the comment box below.


  1. I really don’t see the problem here.
    You would rather have it packaged in a non renewable resource like plastic?
    You can store all 3 games in less than 10 cubic cm grats!

    • Agreed. But that’s not the issue though. Its the cheap way in which games are packed that is bad, actually divisive. And in the ‘old days’ we had got more material with a physical copy, which is none now.

    • The games come on optical discs which scratch easily in the flimsy paper packaging, but not quite as much in the plastic cases. Even a slim jewel case protects discs better than paper sleeves.
      Also that’s not 3 games but 7. And I can easily rely on digital downloads for my entire collection, but some of us like to have physical media from a collector’s perspective.

  2. Well, other than ordering from online market stores, I can’t even find much PC games on stores, they always have the least number of pc collection and insane number for ps3 and a little less insane but more than pc for the 360. FUCK the games industry for treating the best and most versatile platform for gaming like this.

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