Valve Layoffs 25 Due to “Large Decisions” About the Future

In the seemingly impossible event, several employees — estimated to be 25 in total, were let go from Valve on Tuesday.

Valve Eye Valve Layoffs 25 Due to Large Decisions About the Future

Even Valve is not invincible

Valve hasn’t confirmed the exact headcount, but it has been estimated that almost 25 of their 300-strong employee base have been affected due to the “great cleansing” and “large decisions.”

Most of these layoffs have affected the hardware and Android development which surely doesn’t bode well for Valve’s much-hyped SteamBox.

Affected employees were asked by Valve to not speak about specifics, but it is pretty obvious that such layoffs are more due to company decisions than individual performances.

Perhaps this goes on to show that not even a company like Valve is invincible in the unstable economic job environment right now.

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