Ubisoft: We want to improve our relationship with the PC community

farcry3 1024x561 Ubisoft: We want to improve our relationship with the PC community

Ubisoft, the hyper-capitalist developer/publisher, infamous amongst the PC-gaming community for its shoddy DRM tactics and below-average PC ports, has claimed it wants to “improve relationship” with computer gamers.

“Announcing all these partners for Uplay and a wider choice of PC games, it shows our commitment to PC, and we want to improve our relationship with the PC community,” said Uplay director Stephanie Perotti in MCV. “We are always seeking to improve. We took a lot of that feedback on board. With every game on PC we are improving. Far Cry 3 and Assassin’s Creed III on PC were very high quality.

“At Uplay we are also offering all Ubisoft titles, more console content and elements that gamers are more interested in. It’s about offering more options and more choice.”

Reading between the lines, we’d call it off as a cheap stint to promote their Steam rip-off and EA Origin carbon-copy PC gaming client, Uplay. We’re not being harsh either, Ubisoft’s past activities have led us to being this critical. While it is true that recent PC ports of Far Cry 3 and Assassin’s Creed 3, Ubisoft’s prime franchises, have been top-notch quality, it still doesn’t give Ubisoft the right to do what they’re doing.
Ubisoft recently announced that Uplay will offer games from other developers, similar to EA’s Origin. So summing up, this “improving relationship” merely means have more control over the distribution of their content, and extort money out of PC gamers. Why not just use Steam? Its convenient, gamer-friendly and I’d always pick up a AAA Ubisoft game from Steam if it were the case.

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