Ubisoft announce Uplay 4.0, a ‘full-featured’ Steam rip-off

Ubisoft announce Uplay 4.0, a ‘full-featured’ Steam rip-off

Ubisoft today announced the latest PC version of its in-house gaming client service Uplay. Uplay 4.0 will be available to PC users beginning October 2013.

Uplay PC 4.0 will feature integration of Twitch, an online video platform and community for gamers. Steam also supports this feature, and has been doing so for quite some time.

Uplay 4 will also have an improved download manager, allowing progressive downloads and auto-patching, just like in Steam. And just like in Steam, Uplay 4 will be implementing a social wall where users can share their activities with their friends.

Next thing we know, Ubisoft will announce “Ubi Trading Cards.” No, really. Don’t be surprised if they do. As if being the biggest game developer and publisher in the world is not enough, they want to control the industry too. That’s not a bad thing. If a company accepts such a responsibility and makes a good job out it, I don’t mind. But if it wants to achieve the same by playing catch-up with Steam, then that is just wrong, and worse, its CHEAP.

The console market is not far away from Uplay-ization itself. Uplay will be available for the upcoming Xbox One and PlayStation 4. And it will work similar to how the PC version works: Users create a unique profiles, all games purchased are synced to that profile. This also allows gamers to earn Uplay points and get additional downloadable content for games.

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  1. Get off Steam’s nuts. Uplay is already doing that on consoles and has been for some years now…

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