Tribes: Ascend Game of the Year Edition

22 Tribes: Ascend Game of the Year Edition

Tribes: Ascend a game of the year edition.

GOTY – these are a collection of the original game and all the expansion’s and DLC’s included in one single package at a discounted price. What makes this noteworthy for those who did not know is that Tribes: Ascend is a F2P shooter. So yeah confused, good.

Before we get to the details let me clarify, Tribes is a beautiful game with unique mechanics on the FPS genre involving speed momentum and huge air times. The game is a great deal vertical. I personally enjoyed a lot of time in the game and it is a fun game, but the news today is about the path that led to the release of there all in one pack.

tribes ascend 1024x576 Tribes: Ascend Game of the Year Edition

Tribes:Ascend is a beautiful looking game

Tribes: Ascend brief history, let me being with the launch of tribes. It launched to much critical acclaim and praise and the game included a unlock model for their content where you level up and earn points and use them to but more weapons and equipment, But there was a huge requirement for unlocking content, taking up to 20 hours to unlock a single gun. Soon as players began to sink their time into the game this became very tedious for them. The game had a huge player base because it was fun, unique and well free. But slowly as the novelty wore off players started getting annoyed. Then they introduces new weapons in the game which were unbalanced and offered great advantage, so taking advantage of the situation the players started to purchase them and face rolled everyone else. This made the gamers really annoyed and they complained more. Tribes ended up losing a lot of the market to other titles in the process.

TribesA211 Tribes: Ascend Game of the Year Edition

See the guy flying, Expect a lot of it in the game

They did balance the gameplay a lot in the next updates adding more free content like maps and balanced the weapons. Then they halved the requirement for unlocking content by a major 50%, this was a huge deal as people who had some points saved up enjoyed the benefit the most and for a moment it looked like the issues were settled built tribes still had lost a huge amount of players and had to do something drastic to get them back.

Then we go on to the GOTY edition. So what is this?  Well to put this on more confusing words this allowed the players to purchase the F2P game, this is pretty big as it allows customers to get all the unlockable weapons, classes, and perks content from 10 previous expansions as well. Hi-Rez even added new skins, a new shocklance weapon, and six new maps (three capture-the-flag and three arena) alongside the GOTY release.

Sunstar01WM Tribes: Ascend Game of the Year Edition

One of the New Maps

Priced at $30 and $20 if you have ever spent any amount before the launch of the GOTY edition. After a fairly downhill period, Tribes appears to be back with a more plasma and firepower than small army’s. For players that are still playing the free-to-play version, nothing changes, well they get more new content.

What do you think, is this the next step in the life cycle of a game, or are people tired for games that restrict content that actually affect gameplay? Or maybe it was something unique to tribes given their history.


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