Top MOBA Games for Mobile Devices

MOBA games have a special connect with most of the PC gamers, thousands of heroes battle online for supremacy, be it DOTA 2, League of Legends or Heroes of Newerth. These are few of the most played games on the planet and require no introduction. On the other hand, due to the sudden burst of mobile and touch gaming and massive enhancements in mobile technology, similar games have made way on these devices as well. Not all of them are good and not all of them are easy, actually they are much harder for us to perceive because of the smaller screens, touch enabled controls and multiple screens.

After having played many of the mobile based MOBA games, we were able to shortlist two of them which might strike the right chord with the PC players. These games are good, but cannot compete with their PC counterparts and should be played for fun, on-the-move time-pass, and with less expectations. Go give a try to these two:

1. Heroes of Order and Chaos

Heroes of Order and Chaos Top MOBA Games for Mobile Devices

Heroes of Order and Chaos

This one is by far the best game mobile segment has to offer in the MOBA genre, very much PC-like. Developed by Gameloft, Heroes of Order and Chaos has an in-depth hero, items and ability database. With an option of using 30 different heroes from 4 primary categories of Guardian, Mage, Fighter and Support this game takes you into the once super famous DOTA like universe. Playing modes are available in 3 v 3, 5 v 5, with AI, solo or in multiplayer. Overall a very extensive game with hundreds of hero specific items and 4 abilities per hero. A player starts with a level 1 hero which can slowly be leveled up into a strong hero by killing other heroes, creeping in lanes and jungling. The requirements of the game are basic and should work on medieval smartphones (so 2010 and 2011) as well. If you are stuck with your phone or your tablet for an hour or so and have nothing to do, then this game is one of the more interesting options. A must have for all MOBA lovers; looks lovely on a 10-inch tablet.

HOC is a very extensive game and should be started having prior knowledge. Check out their official website for further details, and the download link for Android and iOS devices. Plus you can play the game on Facebook as well.

2. Legendary Heroes

Legendary Heroes Top MOBA Games for Mobile Devices

Legendary Heroes

This one from Maya studios is next to the best. It is a bit different from HOC (Heroes of Order and Chaos) as there are only two game modes to choose from, single player campaign mode and multiplayer online mode. Again a variety of heroes with 4 abilities each and various levels of power-ups. This game is a bit unique because of the before mentioned campaign mode and a player can control upto three heroes in the same match, which might be difficult for many but is necessary sometimes. HOC has its own place and Legendary Heroes also deserves some game time as well because of the campaign mode which can be played over different intervals and keeps one involved for several hours. Also, heroes are different from HOC and have unique abilities.

Check out their official website for further details, and the download link for Android and iOS devices.

There is no shortage of storage in today’s devices, so two good games should not be a problem for any MOBA lover or a MOBA learner, moreover they are free-to-play.

Check out the videos below:

We will keep you updated on all the cool games for mobile devices. There are a few more in this category, but they don’t make the cut.

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