Top 5 Upcoming MOBA’s of 2013 (part 3/3)

Top 5 Upcoming MOBA’s of 2013 (part 3/3)

So many great games have been introduced in the moba genre and making it one of the most competitive and watched sport and still there are a lot of games to look forward to coming later this year, with beta testing generally used now as a glorified soft launch there is a lot of incentive to get in early and grow with the game. Presenting a list of the top upcoming    moba games. We have heard or seen a very limited preview of actual gameplay but that does not make any of them less exiting and have generated a lot of hype. here is a list based on our interpretation based on the games that we are exited about the most. Note: All the games listed here have been announced and in early stages of development.

5 Battle for Graxia

Developer: Petroglyph Games
Status: Open Beta (Steam)

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graxia 1024x576 Top 5 Upcoming MOBAs of 2013 (part 3/3)
The game follow a traditional MOBA pattern for the matches where it differentiates is that. Players advance their Immortals through a persistent skill tree, where the upgrades for characters persist from match to match allowing you to customize your heroes to your playstyle. Players also have the option of taking their Immortals through cooperative Player versus Environment (PvE) scenarios to learn the game, try out new abilities and earn persistent experience before jumping into Player versus Player (PvP) matches online. You can create customized artifacts for your champion. The progression is character-based rather than an overall level. The game has already been re-imagined  during the beta phase removing most of PvE aspects. Other features include leaderboards, a social chat lobby and guild support.

4 Prime world

Developer : Nival
Status : Closed beta

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prime world Top 5 Upcoming MOBAs of 2013 (part 3/3)
Prime World is a multiplayer online battle arena game, current in the beta testing phase. It will be published for PC and Mac with companion apps for iOS and Android platforms. The game is currently in an open beta test phase in Russia. Prime World combines PVP-arena session battles in multiplayer online battle arena style with castle-building meta-game and collectible card mechanic for character talents. The game has persistent character development between battles and a class system with roles outside of the tank, magic, healer triad. Each Prime World player is the lord of his or her own castle, the main base of operations and home to the player’s heroes. At the castle, players can build various buildings (from mining facilities to decorative structures), create new talents, and select sets of talents to equip their heroes with for upcoming battles which are fought in maps similar to dota style matchups.

3 Infinite Crisis

Developer : Turbine
Platform : PC

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Infinite Crisis screenshot 8 1024x661 Top 5 Upcoming MOBAs of 2013 (part 3/3)
Infinite Crisis was a 2005 – 2006 comic book storyline published by DC Comics, consisting of an eponymous, seven-issue comic book limited series. Taking the same as its que the game creates a setting for The First Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Game Based on DC Multiverse to Debut Fall 2013.  Infinite Crisis another entrant into the wildly popular genre that player vs. player battle set in the DC Multiverse. The game features twisted incarnations of their favorite characters throughout the Multiverse such as Nightmare Batman and Gaslight Catwoman. A roster of powerful heroes and villains to command in destructive combat where events can reshape the map and the environment itself can become a weapon. There has been no gameplay footage available as if now, but the game is looking up to be a worthy contender and its success may be based on the business model they decide to follow.

2 Blizzard All-Stars

Developer : Blizzard
Status : TBA

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Blizzard All Stars WWK 3 Top 5 Upcoming MOBAs of 2013 (part 3/3)
Blizzard All-Stars, initially titled Blizzard DotA (before they lost the title to valve), is the first attempt into the MOBA genre from Blizzard. There is very little known about the game except that it is ‘COMING SOONish’, according to their websites landing page. The only footage was from their press conference a few years ago which introduced the series as a comical take on the genre with two teams in the battlefield with a chess style interface that looked like a patchwork between the futuristic starcraft and the fantasy warcraft. Combining the most popular characters from across the Blizzard universe, however what is yet to see is how they will manage to combine two very unique and distinctive styles and personalities of its iconic Rts games into a single MOBA. What I am exited to see is the updated character models for some of my favorite warcraft 3 characters.

1 Sins of a Dark Age

Platform : PC
Developed by Ironclad Games

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sins 1024x640 Top 5 Upcoming MOBAs of 2013 (part 3/3)

Sins of a Dark Age is a fantasy multiplayer online battle arena game that mixes the real-time strategy feel with its MOBA gameplay. In Sins of a Dark Age you will bear the responsibility of managing tasks which include base building, defense positioning, acquiring resources, building an army, creating defenses, controlling your troops and using your team’s Commander’s Realm Powers. Much like a warcraft 3 game but instead of the army your focus is on the champion. The strategy involved in Sins of a Dark Age make this MOBA a definite must try for anyone who lovs mixing their PvP with a strategy element. Where Sins of a Dark Age really stands out is by layering new ideas on top of this base.

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