Top 11 Jaw Dropping Trailers from E3 and Gamescom

Top 11 Jaw Dropping Trailers from E3 and Gamescom

With the end of E3 and last night’s epic battle of the game titles/consoles in Gamescom 2013, I’m totally left in awe. Of the next-gen and of the titles that showcased themselves on these two platforms and in the time between. I’m totally flipped with the successive onslaught of insane theatrical trailers and gameplay footages. Without wasting a single minute, let me show you the best of the upcoming titles with this E3 to Gamescom Trailer/Gameplay Roundup from this year! Fasten your seatbelts, this ride is going to be insane and bumpy.

11.   Dead Rising 3 CGI Trailer

Let’s get this upfront, with the couple of changes that Xbox One brought to its DRM scope and the console in general (post E3), it’s become a dilemma again. The confusion has arisen simply from the capabilities of this next-gen, whether it’s in its holistic entertainment approach or this new trailer that will simply blow you away. The battle between Playstation 4 and Xbox One, as everyone expected, is again down to its exclusives. And Dead Rising 3 is a damn good reason to opt for an Xbox One.

The trailer is based purely on cutting edge CGI, with a little bit of information on what’s the survival story is going to be in Dead Rising 3 along with some of the gameplay features, like the weapon crafting and OMFG vehicle redesigning! The Last Of Us has raised standards in composing a critically perfect undead game, and Capcom just knows how to go about it. Check this out for all the chills, and yes, the chic does remind me of Emma Stone in Zombieland!

10. Battlefield 4 Gamescom Trailer

There can never be any trailer spectating without bringing the richness and graphical depth of Battlefield series into the fray. The game developers added another testament to the long epic saga of BF by confirming a totally new multiplayer experience with Battlefield 4, with all new strategies to implement (or die trying). At Gamescom last evening, they stated that they are making sure that no two multiplayer games look or feel the same way. Now, we have already experienced the vastness of BF in multiplayer game sessions with campaigns like Damavand Peak, especially if you’re playing MCOM Interception or Team Deathmatch modes out there.

The Battlefield 4 Paracel Storm Multiplayer Trailer speaks in volumes about what is to be expected out of BF4, including an all new naval battle, and why it should be one of your top priorities when the nex gen hits (unless you want to miss out on character upgradation as early as the first day onwards)

9. Grand Theft Auto V Online Reveal

The fact that I respect Rockstar Games so much is because they know where to hit their gamers. Right on the G (Gamer) Spot. Rockstar is getting exclusive content on GTA for the PS3/4 owners, and this makes me even more hopeful of the return of the real rockstars. GTA Online goes live after some days of their release, giving their gamers a steady progression with the Single Player Story and getting used to it, nice move Rockstar. GTA Online promises tons of new features, and has that same class as Red Dead Redemption Online about it.

Rob liquor stores with friends, engage in bank heists, fight team deathmatches and all those little elements that make every Rockstar game special is running rampant in this new trailer I’m going to throw at you. It’s time for Los Santos!

Also, do check out what we thought about the GTA V gameplay reveal.

8. Thief Uprising Trailer

Garrett is back (in 2014), and there is no amount that can be quantified with my expectations around this big rebirth. Back in 2000, when I was officially introduced to Thief, I struggled, because I was unaware of anything called stealth strategy, and now today, when I can totally say that I’m a proud stealth loving gamer. Thief changed the way I game. We have already witnessed some extremely hardcore stealth based games for the current gen like Dishonored, and to be very honest, Thief is bound to bring a new era of stealth based games with the nex gen. Once again blending with shadows, investigating landscapes before jumping into action, and combining super thief powers to come out untouched, this will be a new era for Thief and its competition.

There’s no better way to say amen to Thief than watching this crazy new trailer from Gamescom and dropping your jaw right after it. We also did a preview for Thief at E3, check it out.

7. Murasaki Baby for Vita Gameplay Trailer

Drawing a straight inspiration from the critically acclaimed Limbo, Murasaki Baby is the upcoming PS Vita title from Ovosonico Studios. My first reaction after watching the trailer was that of confusion and awe. I didn’t expect anything like this for the Vita lately, and this bloody makes Sony such a complete game offering company. Sony is like Santa Claus, they’ve got gifts for everyone. With a pink coloured heart shaped balloon in hand, your finger movements play an essential role in guiding this female protagonist through a world of nightmares, console her when she’s hurt or afraid, and find alternate ways to seek the destination. You may underrate it, but it’s a sure thing to look out for in the coming days:

6. Titanfall for Xbox One E3 Gameplay Trailer

Coming back to the console war, I think Xbox One wins it again in my opinion, with this exclusive one of a kind upcoming franchise called Titanfall. Developed by the team that gave us Call of Duty, Titanfall heavily relies on online gameplay and pits one team against another in this crazy demo reveal. The arsenal and combat is neat, but where it leaves a mark is the inclusion of mech warriors, hence Titanfall. As team mates you can totally run rampant with a giant mech, eliminating enemies in a flock. While also confronting other Mechs. Titanfall looks like a tribute to Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim, and has a very Resistance and Killzone feel to it. Coincidentally it is the Microsoft console’s exclusive. Sorry PlayStation boys (and girls).

Titanfall looks huge, but all we can do is expect big things from it and give ourselves more of this gameplay trailer from E3:

5. Destiny E3 Gameplay Reveal

Can’t help it but keep it this way, if Titanfall makes an Xbox boy happy, the PlayStation dude has all the more reasons to deploy a counter attack in the name of Destiny. This title is repeatedly being drawn into direct confrontation with Titanfall, thanks to its similar shooter look and feel. While Titanfall is about going big or going extinct, Destiny is all about co-operation in a relatively Skyrim looking setting with a hint of Borderlands in the visual execution. And the E3 gameplay trailer just showed how intense Destiny is bound to be, afterall, these guys are the same ones who brought Halo to you. A crushed earth, some alien breed and loads of cool arsenal, looks like Bungie is finally drawing its own mark for the nex gen.

If this gameplay trailer doesn’t make you want a PS4, nothing else can:

4. Killzone Shadow Kill Gamescom Multiplayer Trailer

I’m a diehard Killzone fan, and what I saw of the upcoming Killzone Shadow Fall last night on Gamescom really raised my expectations for this 2014 slated title. So far, the developers strictly adhered to their Single Player Story Mode in order to lure the audience, but it was time enough. Playstation 4’s social integration means that the nex gen is totally set in the online social world. A lot of titles are integrating the social bragging rights in their modus operandi, and none excels more than Killzone Shadow Fall.

In the next trailer, you will see why Killzone is going all online, with new game modes; create your own deathmatches (The Stealth vs. Defense concept) and wrapping it up with some insane in-game combat physics and graphics:

3. Watch Dogs E3 Gameplay Trailer

So far there has been no mention of Ubisoft in this epic series of trailers; one of the pioneers of the next-gen charisma, so here’s mixing it up. With the moment that totally made my jaw drop as a gamer and as a critic, it is the E3 gameplay trailer of Watch Dogs that I am talking of. I was not at all keen in the Ubisoft conference in E3, and trailers throughout the conference showed me how wrong I’ve been. Watch Dogs mixes the best of GTA, Assassin’s Creed and yet having an individual uniqueness to it, making it THE GAME to watch out for. The Ryan Gosling’s Drive inspired gameplay footage shows how easily you can wrap up missions in Watch Dogs, or die hacking.

This is already one of my favourite upcoming games this season, give way to Aiden Pearce. Also, do check out our initial gameplay impression of Watch Dogs.

2. The Division E3 Reveal Trailer

At one point of time during the E3 Conference I was quizzing myself, define Next-Gen?! Luckily, Ubisoft solved my question and gave me a suitable answer, in the name of The Division. I felt that the game intentionally wanted to rope in the best bits of the other Ubisoft/Tom Clancy classics – Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon, to bring in this new iconic third person nex gen game. The Division has a very robust graphics, not to forget the open map advantage, but it is the game mechanics and co-op led gameplay that steal the show and claims its spot in the Next-Gen chain. Be it the watch controlled inventory and menu screen or the stunning 3D under your feet mini map, The Division has every bit of what it takes to initiate Operation: Nex Gen.

Here’s the trailer if you’ve missed some of the action:

1. The Crew E3 Reveal Trailer

I was a born racing game fan, from Midtown Madness to Test Drive to Gran Turismo and Need For Speed, but a couple of NFS games post NFS: Carbon upset my entire liking with the genre. Thanks to Ubisoft and E3 again, I found my way back into loving cars and chasing down alleys. The Crew is that one big game that can easily make you place your bid for the next gen console. It is unlike any racing game that you see or play today. With an open map of the entire USA to its expense, The Crew uses friendly communication skills as well as your driving skills to beat some of the real time players and get moving in the ladder. The online/offline is so seamless that it will make you dream of what the nex gen will do to you until the physical copy is in your hands.

The Crew will be one such experience that can easily keep you glued to the screen for months to come. The driving may look a bit inferior to what NFS or Forza may offer, but nevertheless this nex gen racing game has all the dope to keep you pushing for the gold.

Well these are my top 11 games to watch out for in the season to come, and to say the least each of these 11 moments are equally powerful and orgasmic for me. In case you have something to point out, hit the comments section below. If you have another title that I must look at, the comments section will be a good place to post it. So, here’s to NEX GEN, starting end of November, Amigos!

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