The Free-to-Play Games of 2013

2 300x102 The Free to Play Games of 2013

2012 has been a great year for free games. Now in 2013 we see a new breed of games associated with great publishers and giant developers, with so much polish and quality that anyone can now enjoy high quality gaming content without spending a dime. This results in more players and hence a better social experience and a risk free trial to download and check if the game is to your taste or not. I bring to you today a list of the most anticipated free games based on my personal choices covering different audiences.

These are games in open or closed beta and are expected to come out soon.


Path of Exile

A free-to-play online action Role-Playing Game (ARPG) set in the dark fantasy world of Wraeclast. Encounter opponents laden with loot. Players familiar with Diablo 2 will be at home in POE. But POE shines not in its replicating similarities with Diablo, but its clever take on familiar concepts. Grinding Gear Games have managed to redesign some of the most boring and useless aspects of diablo to create a game that is compelling, and addictive. The changes are amazing and make for remarkably improved gameplay and customization. Plus, No in-game currency, An endless combination of ability gems, support gems and passive skill tree/forest thing and working PVP In beta itself.


This looks to change F2P Fps titles to show that they can be just as impressive as paid AAA titles. CryEngine 3, Social online FPS, Coop campaign, Focus on esports competitiveness. Any game that uses the cryengine is reason enough for me to look forward to it.


Most online shooters are concentrate on competition. Players expect the player versus player style that a shooter provides. Warframe, break that. This third-person, cooperative shooter focuses on team-based PvE for the co-op shooter fans. Combat fluid and natural, with enough challenge for you to stay you alert. You’ll be able to carry one rifle, one side arm and a melee weapon equipped. Every weapon and suit may be levelled up and upgraded, equipment additionally contains mod slots. This contains a potential to level different sets and collect different weapons. Warframe is fairly balanced, even for free players. The game appears looks beautiful, with detail construct of a science-fiction world offers a mix of realism and art.



The game is about having fun. A multiplayer shooter that is more like an advertisement from acme products (think Loony toons) than a shooting game. Taking pride in not taking itself too seriously. It’s violent but cartoonish. Take a headshot and the opponent will feel around for the missing potion before dropping down. Hit someone in the leg they will keep running on bones. Shoot with healing guns, yes shoot teammates with green goo to heal them. Be warned it’s really gritty and gory but blood is thicker than a six rocket homing electro sniper… or well maybe not.



The game has a unique feature that allows the community to have access to dev tools allowing them to make custom content like quest and scenarios for the game with a high level of detail, including individual mobs customization, rating them on level and difficulty and players are open to level their characters solely in the player created content.


Elder Scrolls Online, Although Its Still not confirmed weather its F2P or a subscription based but being a huge fan of the series I decided to give it a special mention.

A series that needs no introduction, focusing on skill freedom they pushed the RPG genre to its limitations and beyond generation after generation. With beautiful graphic and vistas, insanely large worlds and more content than a few mmorpg’s put together.

Dragons Prophet – Over 300 Dragons, each with different trait, you can choose them pick one and train it, then assign it skills and take them to battle and use them as mounts.

Blade and soul – Blades, guns and Boobs and a fast action gameplay that puts Chinese action movies to shame.

Still not enough, well hers a huge list of games that are F2P just incase there was nothing to cover your taste above.

Age of Wushu
City of Steam
Dayz MMO
Guns and Robots
Marvel Heroes
Phantasy Star Online 2
Scarlet Blade
Swordsman Online
Sword Art Online
Transformers Universe
Wizardry Online
World of Darkness
World of Warplanes

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