Temple Run 2: The Definitive Review

IMG 0061 225x300 Temple Run 2: The Definitive Review

Temple Run 2 – Home Screen

With the colossal (170 millionish downloads) success of Temple Run, a successor to this addictive mobile game was always due. Many developers tried to imitate TR’s strategy by adopting the gameplay and adding new features to their games, a plethora of new “run for your score and life” titles fell on the App store and Google play; Zombie Run, Agent Dash, Jump and Run, Jungle Run etc, all came and went, but TR kept on being the no.1 “run and score” app for over 14 months. “Agent Dash”, was the closest competitor to TR, and was graphically and interface wise much more advanced, being very similar to TR2, but with a modern approach. And now Imangi Studios have come out with TR2; the same addictive philosophy is followed, with many small and refreshing changes. But the comical part is that Imangi Studios have still no information regarding TR2 on their website, as of now.

IMG 0079 225x300 Temple Run 2: The Definitive Review

Scarlett Fox running from the BIG monkey

Unlike the first installment which was based in the jungles of Amazon, this one is a bit calm and the surroundings look more like the ancient Incan city of Machu Picchu. Running high up in the mountains amidst the stone tracks and TR:Brave like jungle routes is quite refreshing. The first thing you come across on starting the game is a big flesh chomping monkey chasing the player, atleast now you don’t have to deal with multiple monkeys sharing the meal, everytime your run failed. Just for fun, one should try swiping left or right twice, and see the way this monster catches and feeds on the character.

IMG 0081 225x300 Temple Run 2: The Definitive Review

Rope Slide

The run overall is more challenging than before and the touch optimization is much more accurate. the backdrop moves with the character, giving a more realistic feel to the run. The first hurdle is a rope slide which can easily be completed with a single jump, but is fun whenever it comes. The run is more or less similar with a few tweaked up hindrances and the new Mine Train level, in which a player has to tilt the screen while on a train bogey, with occasional ducking required. Jungle run is an easy level, quite similar to TR:Brave. It is a bit sad to say that the ways in which one could die have not been modified enough. You have the log and the waterfall from TR:Brave, fire obstacle is more or less the same, the under tree slide has been changed to a stone wall slide, and one doesn’t fall into the water anymore, as you are running in the mountains, crashing into boulders can be achieved while on the mine train. The most famous aspect of TR, the “Resurrection” benefit has been removed and a player needs to collect diamonds and use them in order to resurrect. More diamonds are required with every successive resurrection in a single game. “Save Me” icon appears when one dies, with the number of diamonds required mentioned. This is more convenient, but in this diamonds are not for ever.

IMG 0068 225x300 Temple Run 2: The Definitive Review


The Power-ups and abilities have been redefined, whenever the coin meter fills on the left of the screen, the selected power-up can be activated by tapping twice on the screen. With each character unlocking, more power-ups can be unlocked too, for double tap use. You get Shield and Coin Magnet with Guy Dangerous (Default), Boost with Scarlett Fox, Score Bonus with Karma Lee, Coin Bonus with Barry Bones, Gem Bonus on reaching level 10.

The Abilities have not been changed, however new ones have been added.

  • Coin Value: Yellow, Red and Blue coins with 1X, 2X and 3X as their respective value multipliers. The total distance of reaching the Blue coins decrease with each upgrade.
  • Shield Duration: A player is immune from all obstacles during the active shield phase, one has to control the turning and tilting only, when shield is active. The shield duration increases with each upgrade.
  • Coin Magnet: All the coins near you will be gathered, without tilting for them while magnet is active. Magnet duration increases with each upgrade.
  • Boost Distance: While active the player gains maximum speed and immunity from all roadblocks. Boost distance increases with each upgrade.
  • Pickup Spawn: The spawning rate of all the abilities increases with every upgrade.
  • Power Meter: The filling rate of the coin meter increases with every upgrade.
IMG 0074 225x300 Temple Run 2: The Definitive Review

Save Me / Resurrection using a diamond

  • Save Me: The resurrection of TR2 requires diamonds; the number of diamonds required for every resurrect decrease with every upgrade by a factor of 1, with 1 as minimum required.
  • Head Start: This ability is by default available at the start of every run, if you have the coins. The value of head start depreciated with every upgrade.
  • Score Multiplier: Multiplies the score by a factor of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 depending on the level of upgrade.
IMG 0075 225x300 Temple Run 2: The Definitive Review

The new Level and Objective screen

The most striking addition of TR2 is the new level phase and objective completion. Much like one of our old favourites “Jetpack Joyride”, the objective mode has been redesigned in a similar fashion. A player has to complete 3 objectives at a time, even if you complete an objective not mentioned in the triad list, that won’t be counted, unlike the original TR. More the objectives one completes, the higher level he/she attains.

TR2 comes with leaderboards, so competing with friends will be more fun now. Other options available are Get Coins, Free Stuff, Settings, Stats, Objectives, more games and credits.

IMG 0052 225x300 Temple Run 2: The Definitive Review

Illgaming Score – TR, We miss this too!!

In our review of Temple Run, we had a small guide on how to reach the ever evading 10 million mark. But unfortunately due to higher difficulty, disappointing objective mode and death of the original resurrection we shall be coming out with a “How to ace TR2?” guide later.


  • New UI and enhanced graphics, especially the little cloud of dust on every jump and slide.
  • Rope slide, mine train and diamonds add to the glamour quotient.
  • The way one big monkey chomps you up.
  • Double tap power-up use.


  • Death of “Resurrection” ability.
  • 3 objectives at a time makes the player play for objective completion and not running long distances.
  • Failure to realize the features of the game fully.


Gameplay Progression:  6/10
Graphics: 7/10
Sound: 7/10
Unique Selling Proposition: 6/10
illFactor: 7/10

Final Score: 6.6/10

Temple Run 2 is currently available on iOS and Android devices as a free to download app.

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