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Xbox Live Gold Rush Contest: Win a 100gm Gold Bar, Titanfall Collector’s Edition, SE Gold Controller

Xbox Live Gold Rush Contest

Microsoft Xbox India today announced the “Xbox Live Gold Rush” contest, where they’re giving away a unique Xbox Live Gold Rush suitcase which contains the Titanfall Collector’s Edition (Xbox 360), Xbox 360 Special Edition Chrome series gold controller, an Xbox Live 12-month Gold subscription card, and a 100 gram weighing ‘actual’ gold bar. No jokes here, it’s true. The entire ... Read More »

Titanfall Delayed Again For Xbox 360


NOT AGAIN!!! One of the biggest shooters of 2014 is delayed again. Earlier Microsoft said that Titanfall will hit shelves on 28th March for Xbox 360 owners but looks like we have to wait more. Respawn has said that Titanfall will now be releasing on Xbox 360 on 8th April in America and 11th April in Europe. Wondering when will ... Read More »

Alan Wake Review

alan wake narrative gaming

Alan Wake was first announced in year 2005 for Xbox 360 and PC  but later released for Xbox 360 in 2010 and for PC in 2012. The PC version did recieved some graphic enhancements. Alan Wake is a psychological thriller as described by developer. Title: Alan Wake Developer: Remedy Entertainment Platforms: Xbox 360(reviewed) and PC Price: Rs699 Story  Alan Wake is a story of ... Read More »

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare To Get Free Content

pvz garden warfare

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare released on Xbox 360 and Xbox One this week to something of a surprisingly warm reception. Good news as it seems more content is on the way and if reports are to be believed, for free. Speaking to Digital Spy senior franchise marketing manager Gary Clay said that Popcap plan to “expand the gameplay experience significantly” ... Read More »

Grand Theft Auto V: The iLL Trio Review

GTA V iLL Trio Review

Buy GTA 5 There are video games and there are video games go beyond the confines of the screens they inhabit. GTA V is the latter. Which would be a perfectly plausible explanation for the tardiness of our review. That and the fact that we’ve spending way too much time playing it to actually pen our thoughts down. Yes, you ... Read More »

GTA 5 to be launched at midnight at 7 locations in India


Probably the biggest ever video game release in India, Grand Theft Auto V will launched at midnight at seven different locations around India. Fans and interested buyers can visit these locations for the countdown to the launch. Video games generally launched 2-3 days after their international launch date in India. For a change, a positive one at that, GTA V ... Read More »

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Review

The 60s setting is aesthetically rich but is grossly underused by the story

Games, much like films or music albums, aren’t simply products of the effort of its creators over a couple of years. They are also products of the trials and tribulations the teams had to go through while making it. Just like a kid with troubled childhood will grow into a troubled adult without proper guidance, a troubled creation process is ... Read More »

Battlefield 4 on Ultra Settings Gameplay Video


Everybody wants to know what Battlefield 4 looks like on Ultra Settings. If you’re one of those, then here you go. The map shown in the footage is pretty barren so you won’t been seeing any insane environments, but check out the particle effects in grenade explosions, they’re pretty darn amazing. We have an idea now on what the PC ... Read More »

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