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The iLL Panel: India as a Setting for Video Games

The iLL Panel: Gaming and India

The iLL Panel is a series where the iLL Gaming staff pick their brains over topics related to the game industry. Given the nature of our staff, it can end up being either a mosh pit of fanboy nerdgasms or a bitter fight usually accompanied with death threats and all-out war (ok, maybe we’re not that extreme). The iLL Panel ... Read More »

iLL Independence Day Special: Freedom and Video Games

Street Cricket Champions 2

It’s August 15 and that means it’s the Independence Day of India. This year, its our 67th I-Day, the day India drove the British Raj out peacefully, spearheaded by the Mahatma Gandhi movement. Let us take this opportunity to talk about freedom and independence in video games, be it playing them or making them. Our Editors Sahil, Tathagata and Chirantan ... Read More »

Tomb Raider Creator Talks About Why Video Games Are Good For Your Brain and Society


Ian Livingstone’s name is not an unheard one within the games community. He has been directly involved with the industry even before most of us were born. Co-founder of tabletop game manufacturer Games Workshop, co-founder of Eidos Interactive, the positions he has held are overwhelming. Just check out his Wikipedia page and you’ll find out. If you can refresh your memory, ... Read More »

Cutscenes versus Narrative

Beyond: Two Souls - Training Sequence

Video Games, since inception, have been driven by a single simple formula – immersion through believable narrative. Narrative forms have changed over the years, as developers and designers felt the need to break from the mainstream, and create a narrative that will successfully engage the gamer as well as build up his interest for what is to come. Gameplay mechanics ... Read More »

The Ever Growing Trend of Foul Language in Video Games


I know I’m not the only one here who thinks that the use of abusive and foul language in video games has gone way out of proportion, in today’s age. Let me break the ice by bringing this issue/non-issue out in the open. Don’t mistake this for a ‘Concerned Parents’ kind of a post, it is not, trust me. I ... Read More »

Reality or Illusion: Violence in Video Games

Every medium has had a phase where they had the likes of NRA demanding its censorship but they still survived

[In our new feature, Ansh Patel explores a popular opinion of an issue — whether it’s long-time or current and examines it from various angles to determine exactly how much truth there is in it. By removing the layers of superficiality and bias and examining it from different perspectives, this feature aims at determining what exactly is the “Truth” and ... Read More »

Review: Worbble [iOS]


Platforms: iOS (4.3 & Above), Android Release Date: 07/12/2012 Genre(s): Word Puzzle Publisher(s): Milestone Interactive Pvt Ltd Developer: Mile Nine Studios Rating: PEGI 5+ Searching for a good word puzzle in the App Store is like finding a coin in a fish pond. To ease this problem Milestone Interactive has stepped into the game publishing pool with their first word puzzle, Worbble, available for both iOS ... Read More »

Microsoft shows IllumiRoom concept for Xbox

Microsoft IllumiRoom Concept

Augmented reality, real life gaming, immersive gaming etc; so many intense words have been used by Microsoft to define its next generation “IllumiRoom Concept”. Microsoft is no stranger to bringing innovation to the room (Kinect was a bit revolutionary, if not perfect), and this time they go a step further by combining the Xbox set (Kinect, TV and console) with ... Read More »

Review: Bubblis


Platform: iOS, Android. Genre(s): Word Puzzle. Technology: HD, Unity 3D. Release Date: August 2012. Publisher(s): On Game Creative Developer: On Game Creative ESRB: PEGI 3+ This game is all about making words as the game asks; a horizontal word puzzle. But what makes it different from the hordes of similar games in the market is the gameplay. Bubblis takes essential inspiration from Tetris and integrates that concept well ... Read More »

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