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Path of Exile Review


Platforms: Microsoft Windows Release Date: TBA Genre(s): Action RPG Publisher(s): Grinding Gear Games Developer: Grinding Gear Games An online action Role-Playing Game, following a Free-to-play, with optional micro-transactions, developed and published by Grinding Gear Games. Path of exile is the legacy child of diablo 2 that the fans always wanted but never got. Set in a dark fantasy world, it’s ... Read More »

Video Gaming and The Brain: Top 7 Mind Screwing Games


Video gaming, especially puzzle and quiz based, stimulates blood flow to the brain’s prefrontal cortex, which in turn gradually improves a player’s speed, accuracy and response time over a certain period. And this is not limited to any particular age group; because the older you get, the more it is necessary to keep the brain functioning properly. A classic example ... Read More »

Holiday Season Smash and Bang Bonanza

Holiday Season

The holiday season is up and running; people if you are confused on what to buy for your self/friends/relatives, IllGaming has the perfect solution: A Video Game. Some of the big names are already available and a few more are due to release in the coming months. Check out our highly rated list below. · Assassin’s Creed III Released for ... Read More »

Review: DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue

Greetings readers! I am Deathspank, Hero of the Heroes, the Centre of the Universe, my Centre of Gravity IS the centre of gravity. Call on me and I shall do justice! OK that’s just me typing, but this is how the ‘hero’ Deathspank sounds. OK. Not really. So I’m finally done with Deathspank, just took me a days. Didn’t really take long. Its a ... Read More »

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