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iLL Impressions: The Crew Beta

iLL Impressions: The Crew Beta

When Ubisoft announced The Crew at E3 2013, we were pretty excited by the huge potential it offered. We were also sceptical of the always online requirement of the game. From July 21-25 Ubisoft held a Closed Beta for the game on the PC. iLLGaming’s editors Tathagata and Chirantan took it for a spin. These are their impressions. The Good ... Read More »

Valiant Hearts: The Great War review


Developer: Ubisoft Montpellier Publisher: Ubisoft Platform(s): PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows (reviewed), Xbox 360, Xbox One Release Date: June 25, 2014 Genre: Puzzle adventure Price: $15 Intro A strong emotional resonance evokes from the first melody struck by the piano in the opening title screen. It sets the tone perfectly for a story of sacrifice, suffering, struggle and the ... Read More »

E3 press conference schedule and livestream

e3 2014

The iLLTeam is travelling to E3, Los Angeles and reporting live from the spot. Stay tuned for our event to event coverage, our thoughts and conclusions. Here’s the schedule of events that place on Monday (9 June, 2014). We saved you the trouble of calculating the respective Indian times for each of the conferences. Be ready to be up all ... Read More »

The iLL Trio Review – Watch Dogs


The iLL Trio Review is a series where we have three of iLLGaming’s editors review a game together across different platforms, in a conversation format. Each reviewer gives a review score, the final review score is an aggregate of the three scores. It’s all over. Everyone’s reviewed Watch Dogs. The verdict is out. Everyone’s got their hits organically, via N4G, ... Read More »

6 Pictures to get you excited for E3 2014

e3 2014

Two of the biggest fiestas in the world are hurling, coming right at us in under just a month now! Of course I’m hell excited for the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, and ‘being excited’ is a mere understatement to what E3 2014 means to me. The 2013 E3 saw the grand showdown of two of the leading giants going ... Read More »

Trials Frontier (iOS, Android) Review

Trials Frontier Review

Trials Frontier Developer: RedLynx Publisher: Ubisoft Genre: Platform, racing Platform(s): iOS (reviewed), Android Price: Free-to-play Ubisoft just released the follow up to the excellent Trials Evolution, called Trials Fusion for the PC and consoles. Accompanying the release of Fusion, Ubisoft has released its mobile counterpart, Trials Frontier. We loved Trials Fusion, but do we share the same impressions for Frontier? Trials Frontier brings itself as a free-to-play racing game, where ... Read More »

Browser Games – Panzer General Online now in Open Beta

Panzer General Online

Historically inspired turn-based tactical battle title Panzer General Online, a free-to-play browser based game developed by Blue Byte and published by Ubisoft is now out of its Closed Beta phase. Ubisoft is inviting gamers to try out the game today onwards, as Panzer General Online has entered its Open Beta phase. During Closed Beta, the development team at Blue Byte worked ... Read More »

Trials Fusion Review


Trials Fusion Developer: RedLynx Publisher: Ubisoft Genre: Platform, Racing Platform(s): PC (reviewed), PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One There is something about Trials Fusion that will make throw your controller (or keyboard) and tightly clench your fingers. And you’ll be doing that more than once. That doesn’t mean that Trials Fusion is a bad game. It’s actually pretty damn good. But the challenges it poses, ... Read More »

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