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Dark Souls 2 – Review


“As I was passing through the dark and creepy forests in Things Betwixt, the prologue map in Dark Souls, I was expecting a lot more action, remembering how I escaped the dungeon a year ago, evading the clutches of the menacing Asylum Demon. This wasn’t behaving like the b**ch that Dark Souls is. As I head out straight through the ... Read More »

Alan Wake Review

alan wake narrative gaming

Alan Wake was first announced in year 2005 for Xbox 360 and PC  but later released for Xbox 360 in 2010 and for PC in 2012. The PC version did recieved some graphic enhancements. Alan Wake is a psychological thriller as described by developer. Title: Alan Wake Developer: Remedy Entertainment Platforms: Xbox 360(reviewed) and PC Price: Rs699 Story  Alan Wake is a story of ... Read More »

Titanfall Review

Titanfall review illgaming

Title: Titanfall Publisher: Electronic Arts Developer: Respawn Entertainment Platform: Xbox One, Xbox 360 (TBL), PC (reviewed) This is not good. No, no, we’re not referring to Titanfall. Well, not directly at least. It’s just that every once in a while something shows up that leaves a trail of insults that would put South Park to shame, garner intense hatred for others’ ... Read More »

THIEF Review


Title: Thief Developer: Eidos Montreal Publisher: Square Enix Platform: PC, PS3 (reviewed), PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One In the year 1999, when I was mashing buttons while trying my hands at Sonic or Super Mario Bros, a debutant title appeared out of nowhere and blew my mind away; changing my perspective towards gaming and level designing to a great lot. That title was developer ... Read More »

Year Walk (PC) Review


Platform(s): iOS, PC (reviewed) Developer: Simogo Price: $5.99 As a duo who have made a habit of defying expectations, Simogo have come far since their early days of endless runners that smartly used the touch-controls of mobile devices. Nominated for a few IGF awards and having scored consecutive App Store hits, they have finally graduated onto a traditional platform by releasing ... Read More »

Corsair Obsidian 750D Full Tower Cabinet Review

Corsair Obsidian 750D review

So last time we reviewed the Antec One S3, a budget mid-tower cabinet. This time things are different. What we have is the Corsair Obsidian 750D, a beast, if I may put it that way, when compared to the Antec One S3. Corsair is a company well known to PC builders. Corsair has built a solid reputation amongst enthusiasts for ... Read More »

The Last Of Us: Left Behind Review


(Spoiler Alert: Contains plots from The Last Of Us and The Last Of Us: Left Behind) I’m not a fan of DLCs, because in my strangest opinion a DLC means that you need to spend an extra chunk of your money for a game that you’ve already bought in all glory. With the digital age seeping into nearly everything, DLCs ... Read More »

TxK (PS Vita) Review

TxK Vita screen 2

When Shahid Kamal at Sony mentioned he brought Jeff Minter to PlayStation, I anticipated something insanely great coming soon. I’ve played Llamatron by Jeff a long time ago and even the mobile remake Minotron 2112. Jeff’s games are instantly recognizable and even though there are a plethora of clones of his work, none come close to the originals. When TxK ... Read More »

Gran Turismo 6 review

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 7.13.58 PM

There are street racing games and there is Gran Turismo. Ever since the Playstation debut, Gran Turismo tried to stay within the boundaries of strategic racing, courting a hundred of decisions for you to make. This was never about the thrills; this was about how you built your car for the Drive Day. Although GT5 did its best to carry ... Read More »

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