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Title: LUFTRAUSERS Publisher: Devolver Digital Developer: Vlambeer Platform: Windows, Mac, PlayStation Vita (Reviewed), Linux, PS3 Release Date: March 18, 2014 fter Super Crate Box and Ridiculous Fishing, I’ve been waiting eagerly for LUFTRAUSERS to release. The wait has been really excruciating. LUFTRAUSERS has finally bombarded our gaming devices. I’ve been playing the PS Vita and PS3 version of the game for the last week and ... Read More »

The Last Of Us: Left Behind Review


(Spoiler Alert: Contains plots from The Last Of Us and The Last Of Us: Left Behind) I’m not a fan of DLCs, because in my strangest opinion a DLC means that you need to spend an extra chunk of your money for a game that you’ve already bought in all glory. With the digital age seeping into nearly everything, DLCs ... Read More »

Ill at Gran Turismo 6 Launch


Gran Turismo 6 (GT6) was launched in India on December 6, 2013 along with the rest of the world. The Launch took place at a Mercedes Benz showroom in Mumbai in the culmination of the GT6-Mercedes Benz promotion tour around the country. This year also commemorates the 15th year of the GT franchise which is a renowned Racing simulator series ... Read More »

PlayStation India and Mercedes-Benz partner to promote Gran Turismo 6


Sony PlayStation India’s PR arm announced the partnership with Mercedes-Benz to promote the upcoming Gran Turismo 6 for the PlayStation 3. The promotion comes in the form of a GT5 online racing challenge at the PlayStation kiosks in retail chains across India, such as Reliance, Landmark, Croma, Jumbo. Gaming related retailers Zinklo, Game 4U and Gamineazy will also be be ... Read More »

The Last of Us: DLC #1 Abandoned Territories Recap

The Last of Us Abandoned Territories DLC

It had been 37 days and some hours since I have last taken a trip into the dingy post pandemic multiplayer maps of The Last Of Us: Factions. But thanks to the return of AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 4, my hunger to revisit the post apocalyptic was brewing stronger than ever. Even when the confusing world of GTA Online ... Read More »

The Last Of Us: David Ballard Interview


Prologue: It all started when one of illGaming’s most unholy Naughty Dog fan took it to Twitter in order to praise his stars on their incredible work on The Last Of Us Online, also known as Factions. When IGN introduced the beauty of all the maps in The Last Of Us Factions, they got on board one of the leading ... Read More »

Grand Theft Auto V: The iLL Trio Review

GTA V iLL Trio Review

Buy GTA 5 There are video games and there are video games go beyond the confines of the screens they inhabit. GTA V is the latter. Which would be a perfectly plausible explanation for the tardiness of our review. That and the fact that we’ve spending way too much time playing it to actually pen our thoughts down. Yes, you ... Read More »

Indie pick: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons review

Brothers a tale of two sons

What does it take to invent a special bond between two beautifully created brothers fighting odds to find the end? What does it take to make your left hand complement your right hand in a very natural way? The very creative Starbreeze Studios pair up with publisher 505 Games (of Payday 2 fame) to give us the pair that deserves ... Read More »

GTA 5 to be launched at midnight at 7 locations in India


Probably the biggest ever video game release in India, Grand Theft Auto V will launched at midnight at seven different locations around India. Fans and interested buyers can visit these locations for the countdown to the launch. Video games generally launched 2-3 days after their international launch date in India. For a change, a positive one at that, GTA V ... Read More »

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