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Gran Turismo 6 review

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 7.13.58 PM

There are street racing games and there is Gran Turismo. Ever since the Playstation debut, Gran Turismo tried to stay within the boundaries of strategic racing, courting a hundred of decisions for you to make. This was never about the thrills; this was about how you built your car for the Drive Day. Although GT5 did its best to carry ... Read More »

The Last of Us: DLC #1 Abandoned Territories Recap

The Last of Us Abandoned Territories DLC

It had been 37 days and some hours since I have last taken a trip into the dingy post pandemic multiplayer maps of The Last Of Us: Factions. But thanks to the return of AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 4, my hunger to revisit the post apocalyptic was brewing stronger than ever. Even when the confusing world of GTA Online ... Read More »

The Last Of Us: David Ballard Interview


Prologue: It all started when one of illGaming’s most unholy Naughty Dog fan took it to Twitter in order to praise his stars on their incredible work on The Last Of Us Online, also known as Factions. When IGN introduced the beauty of all the maps in The Last Of Us Factions, they got on board one of the leading ... Read More »

The Last of Us Review


If zombies could, they would rise up in revolt against the video game industry. And you can’t blame them. Almost every game has had the undead, infected or walking dead in one form or another. Usually on the receiving end of a rocket launcher, crowbar or a boot. The next group who would revolt against the video games industry are ... Read More »

The Last of Us Demo: Impressions and analysis


[no spoilers guaranteed] Not very long ago, I was pondering on how will be my experience with Naughty Dog’s latest The Last Of Us. Having seen so many trailers, gamer previews and heard so much, it was way too hard to conceal my anticipation around Naughty Dog’s new born baby. Well, technically I got lucky last March only, but I ... Read More »

Move Street Cricket 2: The iLLGaming Review


I am a huge cricket fan. Well, I’m Indian, so that part of me is pretty much stereotypical. On the other hand, I’m also an avid gamer, at least I consider myself to be one.  And the thing is, being a cricket fan and a gamer don’t really have much synergy. Reason being, lets face it, there has never been ... Read More »

Sony Japan’s ‘Rain’ out with its debut trailer


Sony Japan Studio recently released the first trailer for their upcoming game ‘Rain’, which was announced last year. The game is a very subtle adventurer platformer in which an invisible boy seeks an invisible little girl in a dark world where it never stops to rain. Rain is so beautifully conceptualized that it will be hard to tell whether the game ... Read More »

Journey – The Beauty of Simplicity

Journey: Big Things come in Small Sizes

  When I first thought of reviewing the most talked about game of the year, I thought, hmmm, let’s try to find the loopholes in the gameplay or in the story. First bite, then rub. But the game bit me, in the eye. And for a sane guy with insane dreams, I was left with a teardrop in my eye ... Read More »

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