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Titanfall struggling to hit 60 FPS on Xbox One, looks outdated

titanfall 60fps

The recent revelation of Titanfall running at 792p on the Xbox One was a biggie. This is clearly no where close to the ‘next-generation’ gaming we were hoping from the Xbox One. Another bomb has been dropped and this one’s about how crap Titanfall looks and plays on the console. Giant Bomb’s Jeff Gerstmann noted a couple of framerate drops ... Read More »

DirectX 12 incoming announcement at GDC

DirectX 12 GDC

The last major version of Microsoft’s graphics platform DirectX 11 was announced about 6 years back. Since then the desktop graphics API development has stagnated. During this time, AMD has developed their own set of APIs called Mantle. OpenGL/OpenCL has come a long way since then. Microsoft is promising better tools that will allow developers to squeeze every last drop ... Read More »

Microsoft’s PC gaming head departs after just six months

Jason Holtman

We reported in October about Jason Holtman, former Valve employee being roped in by Microsoft to head their sinking PC gaming division. Neowin spotted Jason Holtman’s update on his LinkedIn page today which shows that he quit Microsoft in January. That’s not too far away from October, being only six months. The reason for his departure is unknown, nor is ... Read More »

This is how much money Microsoft’s new Indian CEO will make

Satya Nadella Microsoft CEO

Microsoft recently appointed it’s Hyderabad born Cloud Computing head Satya Nadella as the Chief Executive Officer of the billion dollar company. Unlike CEOs of Indian companies where everything is hush-hush, US law requires companies to make their employee compensation public. Nadella’s basic annual salary is now $1.2million (about Rs. 7.5 crore), payable semi-monthly, according to a US SEC (Securities and ... Read More »

Microsoft hires former Steam boss to improve Windows as a gaming platform

Microsoft has managed to muster up Valve’s former employee Jason Holtman, to work on “making Windows a great platform for gaming and interactive entertainment.” Holtman was a Valve employee for eight years, involved with developer relations. He was responsible for bagging in big-name publishers to partner with the now hugely successful client Steam. “Yes, I have joined Microsoft where I ... Read More »

Sony at E3: PS4 to support used games and have no online check-ins


Take that Microsoft! The all new PS4 is cheaper and comes in a sweeter package. Sony has confirmed that it will impose no restrictions on disc based used game lending, renting and retailing. Plus it will not require an online check-in, unlike Microsoft’s weird decision of forcing a 24-hour online check-in for all games. Sony has waited to reveal certain ... Read More »

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