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GTA V (PC) Preorder Guide for India

gtav preorder guide title

Rockstar wants you to preorder GTA V from their own store at Rockstar Warehouse (Digital copy). It does makes sense since rockstar will be able to cut out the middleman and hence save some money on it. Witcher 3 said the same thing and recommends you to buy from GOG.com. The difference, while Withcher 3 offers a DRM free version ... Read More »

Is GTA Online really worth your time? We find out

GTA Online First Impressions

How will you feel when you have already made contact with a girl at the bar, changed your cap for a cowboy hat, played all your first impression games and won them all, took her to your home, were about to take off your clothes and suddenly she gives you this look that says wait, I can’t do this. And ... Read More »

Top Five Moments in GTA V

Top 5 GTA V Moments

Surely, in terms of new age gaming and open world experience there cannot be another title in my mind other than the resounding comeback story of Rockstar Games’ most prized asset – Grand Theft Auto. Grand Theft Auto V may not be critically hefty, but it was all that I expected and that I didn’t early this month. You can ... Read More »

GTA V worldwide first-day sales of $800m, breaks Call of Duty: Black Ops II record

GTA V Midnight Launch Mumbai

Take-Two Interactive Software has reported that the first-day sales of Grand Theft Auto V surpassed US$800 million worldwide, break the record held for Call of Duty: Black Ops II set last November. These are exceed the target set for the franchise by Take-Two Interactive, and it hoped that sales will surpass US$1 billion during the first month at retail. Revenue ... Read More »

GTA V Midnight Lauch Mumbai pictures


So Grand Theft Auto 5 is finally here. For the first time in the country, GTA V got a reception of midnight launches at seven locations across Mumbai and Pune. The iLLGaming team was present at two of those locations, Games The Shop at Oberoi Mall and Infinity Mall (Mumbai). The attendance at the GTA launch event was overwhelming, with ... Read More »

GTA 5 to be launched at midnight at 7 locations in India


Probably the biggest ever video game release in India, Grand Theft Auto V will launched at midnight at seven different locations around India. Fans and interested buyers can visit these locations for the countdown to the launch. Video games generally launched 2-3 days after their international launch date in India. For a change, a positive one at that, GTA V ... Read More »

10 Grand ways to dump your girlfriend before GTA V arrives


Dyudes, that epic moment is drawing near! Yes, GTA V is hardly 2 weeks away from you, what are you doing about it? Y’know that the game is supposed to last for infinity right? 700+ default online missions plus you can customise and upload your own matches, there will be heavy social integration between your game style and your friends ... Read More »

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