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Alien: Isolation Review

Alien: Isolation Review

Title: Alien: Isolation Developer: Creative Assembly Publisher: SEGA Genre: Survival Horror Platform(s): PC, PS3, PS4(reviewed), Xbox 360, Xbox One Price:₹999(PC), ₹2999(PS3, X360), ₹3499(PS4, XB1) ‘A true son of the classic Survival Horror that ruled the 80’s-90’s’     There’s something about Aliens and Predators, note that I’ve used ‘and’ and not a ‘versus’. When I saw Alien, the Ridley Scott original ... Read More »

Managing your Backlog: A Guide

Managing your Backlog: A Guide

Games. So many of them get made every year that if one were to play them all, one would not have enough time to do so. There are a few happy souls that are satisfied with playing the same game every year, but on the other end of the spectrum, there are collectors who stock up on every game that ... Read More »

6 Games That Deserve To Have Movie Adaptations


And yet another Top list, sigh. But bear with us this time, please. I went to the movie theatre yesterday and had to bear through yet another crappy Bollywood movie. The same night, I returned home and almost immediately started to play Deus Ex: Nihilum, Nihilum being the latest major community developed mod for the classic game. After a good two hour ... Read More »

Review: Worbble [iOS]


Platforms: iOS (4.3 & Above), Android Release Date: 07/12/2012 Genre(s): Word Puzzle Publisher(s): Milestone Interactive Pvt Ltd Developer: Mile Nine Studios Rating: PEGI 5+ Searching for a good word puzzle in the App Store is like finding a coin in a fish pond. To ease this problem Milestone Interactive has stepped into the game publishing pool with their first word puzzle, Worbble, available for both iOS ... Read More »

Full Fat Games: Santa Special

The creators of Agent Dash, Full Fat Games, are offering a lot of goodies this holiday season.  Grab free games, enjoy smashing discounts on characters, boosts and upgrades! Check out their Facebook & Twitter pages, they’ve got a #FatSantaSpecial every day on the best games around. Get started with a Xmas treat and the most challenging puzzle game: Coin Drop. More giveaways and promos are on their way before ... Read More »

Review: Bubblis


Platform: iOS, Android. Genre(s): Word Puzzle. Technology: HD, Unity 3D. Release Date: August 2012. Publisher(s): On Game Creative Developer: On Game Creative ESRB: PEGI 3+ This game is all about making words as the game asks; a horizontal word puzzle. But what makes it different from the hordes of similar games in the market is the gameplay. Bubblis takes essential inspiration from Tetris and integrates that concept well ... Read More »

Video Gaming and The Brain: Top 7 Mind Screwing Games


Video gaming, especially puzzle and quiz based, stimulates blood flow to the brain’s prefrontal cortex, which in turn gradually improves a player’s speed, accuracy and response time over a certain period. And this is not limited to any particular age group; because the older you get, the more it is necessary to keep the brain functioning properly. A classic example ... Read More »

New XBOX Live games for Windows 8 announced


Microsoft recently announced its first wave of Xbox Live games releasing for Windows 8. The list comprises of mainly Microsoft games along with some blockbusters like Angry Birds etc. As announced earlier, Windows 8 will come equipped with the Xbox 360 platform, making it easier for gamers to access games irrespective of which Windows 8 enabled device they have. This ... Read More »

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