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Tentacles: Enter The Mind Review

Tentacles: Enter The Mind Review

Title: Tentacles Enter The Mind Developer: Press Play Studios Publisher: Microsoft Genre: Adventure Platform(s): Windows Price: Free-to-play After the success of Max: The Curse of Brotherhood on consoles, Press Play ventures to Windows 8 as a platform. The last time I interviewed Rune Dittmer, the Studio Director at Press Play, he mentioned that a sequel to Tentacles: Enter The Dolphin will be releasing soon. Since then I ... Read More »

Trials Frontier (iOS, Android) Review

Trials Frontier Review

Trials Frontier Developer: RedLynx Publisher: Ubisoft Genre: Platform, racing Platform(s): iOS (reviewed), Android Price: Free-to-play Ubisoft just released the follow up to the excellent Trials Evolution, called Trials Fusion for the PC and consoles. Accompanying the release of Fusion, Ubisoft has released its mobile counterpart, Trials Frontier. We loved Trials Fusion, but do we share the same impressions for Frontier? Trials Frontier brings itself as a free-to-play racing game, where ... Read More »

WoNoBo Launches its Android app; Service Available for 14 Indian cities


WoNoBo, which was previously seen on the Web – giving panoramic views of your place, has launched its Android app. You can view and explore 360-degree views from your Android device,  view inside malls and some popular Indian monuments. Another feature, just like other location-centric apps, is that you can share your location among your friends right from this app ... Read More »

The Plan: a 6 minute game that changed my perspective

The-Plan-Header - Copy

A fly ascends to the skies, pondering the pointlessness of its brief existence. The Plan is a journey in which you control a fly, with the sole purpose being to climb as high as possible. This short and simple playthorugh is an experience, not a game. asked by its simplicity I did not expect The Plan to be as thought provoking ... Read More »

Worst Business Practices In Gaming Industry


In the videogame franchises, there’s a new topic trending that has been sinking its claws into the industry: DLC and Microtransactions. It all started slowly and quietly. Horse Armor DLC for Elder Scrolls Oblivion, and everyone laughed at that time on these things. Nowadays, though purchasing a full-game after the release date is not an easy task: maybe the developer locked some in-game content ... Read More »

Free game (for the Thief and Doom 3 fans): The Dark Mod


Everyone exited about the new Thief game and with the launch of this new gameplay trailer, February 25, 2014 seems very, very far away. Here’s their new gameplay trailer in case you missed it. To kill the time meanwhile you can play Dishonored or you can play The Dark Mod instead. Unlike the “choice-driven” Gameplay  of Thief 2014 this mod follows the ... Read More »

Free-to-play Game of the Week: You Have to Win the Game

TheGame 2013-07-21 01-41-12-14

Platform : PC Developer : Pirate Hearts Original Release : May 6, 2012 Price : FREE Games have been around a long time and while the technology around us keeps changing, so do the games we play. Then there comes along something that reminds you that if done correctly you don’t need fancy graphics or expensive hardware to enjoy a game ... Read More »

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