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FIFA 15 – Review

FIFA 15 - Review

Title: FIFA 15 Publisher: Electronic Arts Developer: Genre: Sports, Football Platform(s): PlayStation 4 (reviewed),  Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PS Vita, 3DS, PC Price: Rs. 3,999 (PS4, Xbox One), Rs.3,499 (PS3, Xbox 360), Rs. 4,999 (PC Digital Download) Ballsy, but Glitchy. I was backtracking more than the usual, because even though a 30 million snatch for a star like Marco Reus looked like the ultimate ... Read More »

FIFA 15 – Demo Impressions (PS4)


  It’s that time of the year again, when many would make a big decision, not a big deal for many others. The transfer season is over, the departments are reinforced and here we go for yet another thrilling season of football, whether it’s on the TV, on FIFA 15 or Pro Evolution Soccer 2015. Personally I couldn’t wait to ... Read More »

EA Sports FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil Review


The stage is set, the clock’s ticking in, heartbeats have started skipping, it is time for the world to drench up in the biggest competitive sport on the planet – The FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil. But hold on, there are 20 odd days to go, what are you doing about it? I’d say pick up EA Sports’ FIFA ... Read More »

FIFA and PES: The After Effect!

Football Crazy

Manchester United FC has the biggest fan following in the world, unofficially accounting to about 668 million people. That is one monster number and roughly twice of their 2009 estimate of 333 million fans. Apart from being smart investors and shrewd owners, the Glazers have also made sure that the club gets the massive marketing required to keep the mojo ... Read More »

How Video Gaming Can Benefit your Office Culture: Game Time


Don’t we all wish that our cubicles were a part of a Counter Strike map and we played the counter terrorists with our bosses in their respective cabins being the terrorists. Use a sleek carbine to blast a hole through an AK-47 wielding dictator. Most of the firms adopt a security strategy of blocking gaming, technology, entertainment sites etc during ... Read More »

FIFA 13 – All You Need to Know


Only a football game can make you skip a real game of football. At least that’s what FIFA 13 is claiming to do. Just when we thought that FIFA had reached new heights with its 2012 version, EA sports is coming out with a Mt. Olympus of a 2013 edition. It’s time to shift up the gear folks, loads of ... Read More »

Build up to the Indian Gaming Carnival: Speaking to its organizers


As India’s biggest ever Gaming competition and exhibition comes closer, illgaming speaks to its organizers to know really what they’re upto, what they hope to achieve and what are their expectations. We got to speak to the main guys of WTF Events, the organizer of the IGC. These are the guys calling all the shots, and they’ve given us a nice insight ... Read More »

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