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Next Gen evolution of Platform Bias

In the last few years, the gaming industry has gone through some drastic changes. My previous posts have enlightened many people about some of those changes, but today I am going to elaborate on an old issue called Platform Bias and its emerging evolution, which is ‘pretending to be an exclusive’, with inputs from my colleague Chirantan Raut.  Platform Bias ... Read More »

PlayDead announces Inside


The indie developer behind the smash hit ‘Limbo’ today revealed a brand new title coming exclusively for the Xbox One. The game is very similar to Limbo but this time it has more colours. Inside is 2.5D platformer that looks beautiful in its minimalism but the trailer had a sense of sadness and depression about it. Read More »

Goat Simulator Review


Title: Goat Simulator Developer and Publisher: Coffee Stain Studios Platform(s): PC (reviewed) Genre: Simulation Price: $10 (Steam) Goat Simulator. Naming this game as GO(A)TY certainly wouldn’t be amiss. What started off as a joke for a game jam, ended up being the Must-Have PC Exclusive, thanks to the feverish demands of gamers that loved the two joke videos that comprised the game’s ... Read More »

Sony Announce Exclusive Watch Dogs Content for PS3 and PS4

Watch Dogs Sony Exclusive Content

Watch Dogs PS3 & PS4 Bundles Also Announced In an official press release sent yesterday, Sony and Ubisoft announced that Watch Dogs will release with exclusive content for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 owners. The exclusive content will feature: Four extra missions, representing one hour of exclusive gameplay ‘White Hat’ Hacker Outfit for the game’s protagonist, Aiden Pearce Ubisoft released ... Read More »

Journey – The Beauty of Simplicity

Journey: Big Things come in Small Sizes

  When I first thought of reviewing the most talked about game of the year, I thought, hmmm, let’s try to find the loopholes in the gameplay or in the story. First bite, then rub. But the game bit me, in the eye. And for a sane guy with insane dreams, I was left with a teardrop in my eye ... Read More »

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