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Xbox Games With Gold: August Edition


Most Xbox gamers are aware about Microsoft’s Games With Gold (GWG) initiative, it is a monthly program where both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners are delighted with two free games for a limited time. GWG has been criticized for past few months for not offering any solid titles compared to its competition PSN+, however things are changing and ... Read More »

Dishonored and Mainstream: of award shows and Triple-A games


I love everything about music, movies and videogames, videogames especially, be it for my private retribution on the absurd reality around or for the pure enjoyment out of it. As of now, when friends or people approach me cautiously, asking me what to harpoon from the latest video game releases, I do not stand with the obvious answer. Of course ... Read More »

Pushing the Limits

HL2 - Episode 2

There was a point during the Hong Kong section of the original Deus Ex when I came across a rare moment of brilliance I hadn’t experienced before in a game. In the apartment where I was supposed to break-in and investigate without detection, I had been discovered. With nowhere to hide, I made a go for the window. Jumping through ... Read More »

Reality or Illusion: Emergent–True Form of Narration in Games

Games like Nocturne shunned hour-long cutscenes for less exposition

[An exploration of the popular opinion of an issue — long-time or currently trending that examines it from various angles to determine exactly how much truth there is in it. By removing the layers of superficiality and bias and examining it from different perspectives, this feature aims at determining what exactly is the “Truth” and what is “Illusion] Video-games have often been ... Read More »

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