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The Future of Souls – Lords of the Fallen vs Bloodborne


You may have faced the worst of Boletaria, you may have become one with the lores of Lordran, you must have travelled north on one rainy night and took down the whole of Drangleic, but it isn’t over yet for the Souls miasma. In fact, the two most anticipated games that fall right into my review wish list are Deck13/CI ... Read More »

Dark Souls: Prepare to Live Your Life Edition


There are numerous ways in which you can fail in life, try yelling back at your landlord, try fisting the wall in anger, try falling in love, or try playing Dark Souls. Each of these experiences leave a certain sensation certainly in your mind, an experience that polishes the way you are and makes way for the person you are ... Read More »

Dark Souls Diaries: Glory to Anor Londo


Here’s one more of those conversations exchanged between Tathagata (T) and Sahil (S), the ones that define the depths of fanboyism within the iLLGaming Panel, ranging from Far Cry to the obvious pick – Dark Souls. Skipping back a few months: T: So I finally beat the Witch Nashandra and took over the throne of Vendrick as the next undead ... Read More »

This Angry Birds teaser trailer looks just like Dark Souls

Angry Birds Dark Souls

So Angry Birds is that franchise where cute cartoony birds are thrown to break some really complicated structures, right? No, not really, not this time to say the least. Rovio just released this new teaser trailer: All that it states in description of the video is “Perhaps the most Epic soft launch ever, Starting in Australia, Canada and New Zealand. ... Read More »

DARK SOULS II: Prepare to Dump Your Girlfriend Edition


There is one thing common in death and bad relationships, you learn to respect while you breathe. You learn not to repeat the same mistakes, you adapt to allow patience, and you wait for your turn to come to strike. And while there are other titles, ahem, other girls luring with an easy way in, you know that Dark Souls ... Read More »

Reality or Illusion: Emergent–True Form of Narration in Games

Games like Nocturne shunned hour-long cutscenes for less exposition

[An exploration of the popular opinion of an issue -- long-time or currently trending that examines it from various angles to determine exactly how much truth there is in it. By removing the layers of superficiality and bias and examining it from different perspectives, this feature aims at determining what exactly is the "Truth" and what is "Illusion] Video-games have often been ... Read More »

What Makes Dark Souls a Groundbreaking Marvel


I was one of the thousands that signed the petition asking Namco Bandai to make a PC port for Dark Souls. I never even played Demon Souls, but numerous prompts from fellow gamers intrigued me towards the Souls franchise. And when finally Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition was released for PC, I got my hands on it to see ... Read More »

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