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Nvidia Launches Battlebox Gaming Rigs


PC gaming rocks. It offers a level of versatility and customisability that consoles don’t even come close to, not to mention the VAST library of games. PC games also look much better, and perform much better than their console counterparts. However, building a PC from scratch might put some gamers off. To solve this, Nvidia and a bunch of partners ... Read More »

Ubisoft at and beyond Gamescom: A huge leap into next-gen

Ubisoft at Gamescom 2013

In the Chinese Culture, years are dedicated to special animals, each year is categorically dominated by an animal instinct. If one is slyly passing by you, you need to raise your glass to the year of the Snake, if it is roaring with success for you, it is the year of the Tiger. In the gaming fraternity, each year is ... Read More »

Introducing Valve’s Baby, The Steam Box

Project Piston

In continuation to their “Big Picture” mode, Valve recently announced their first hardware project in partnership with Xi3, codenamed “Piston” or simply “Steam Box”.  Still in development stage, the Steam Box intends to play a game through Steam running high spec console on big HD TVs. Xi3’s own 7-series system is the major inspiration behind the Steam Box, hence the ... Read More »

Portal: No Escape, a short film based on Portal


Just came across this interesting piece in PC Gamer. Dan Trachtenberg, an indi film director,  has made a nice short film based on the popular game Portal. The movie’s pretty sick, with nice Portal effects and and an accurate Portal ‘vibe’, with an actress playing Chell the protagonist. Its a nice concept film, and done pretty neatly considering it just might ... Read More »

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Screenshots of Every Race


The Bethesda Blog recently posted screenshots of the faces of every race in the game, and believe me, they look bloody damn good, and most importantly, very original and true to its roots. I am very impatiently waiting for Skyrim, as the previous installment, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was one beautiful gaming experience. So here we are, screenshots of ... Read More »

Gamescom 2011 : The party and all things that come with it


Its Gamescom time! Gamescom is Europe’s answer to America’s E3, celebrating video games, in as big as a way as possible. The 2011 version of Gamescom is being held in Cologne (or as the Krauts call it, Koln), Germany and has a lot to offer and to satisfy us gamers’ appetites. I did spend a week in Cologne last year ... Read More »

Is PC Gaming, as we know it, dying because of Facebook?

This post is exactly about what its title says. Is PC Gaming, as we know it, dying because of Facebook? Its a strong statement to make, but I’m saying it with a blunt tone, because its kinda depressing. I was reading this article on Kotaku, which had the heading “If This Is How PC Gaming Will Live, Maybe It Should ... Read More »

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