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Free 2 Play News

sq2 news

Here is a list of that have recently been in the news in the month of February, notably for being Free 2 Play. These include long time expected games who have had limited exposure to game that have tried to revamp the player base with major changes. If you were looking for something that’s fresh and free, you are in ... Read More »

The New Age of Free to Play

new age

Hello Readers, I am Ajay Verma and I’m from the internet. Back in 2005 saying your game was free to play was enough. That was it, done and anyone with a modem and a keyboard and mouse were in and checking it out, but recently with SOE’s announcement of Bullet Run closing down less than an year after launch sparks ... Read More »

Review: Hotline Miami


Platforms: PC (Steam and GOG) Release Date: 23/10/2012 Genre(s): Retro Top-Down Action, Stealth Publisher(s): Devolver Digital Developer: Dennaton Games Video-games have had a long-standing relationship with violence which has often resulted in the industry finding itself at the center of flaring controversies in the past.Yet few games have dared to look introspectively at violence and make players question their own actions as boldly and with ... Read More »

Review: Portal 2


Valve’s second installment to its critically acclaimed Portal, part of the Orange Box package, is now out, a stand alone franchise. Portal 2’s generating a whole lotta buzz all around, and we thought we’d do a summarized review of the game, just to brief on whether its worth or not. Well, obviously, its worth it, but, is it as memorable as ... Read More »

Review: Crysis 2 PC

Aloha fellow readers! We have a new contributor to this blog, his name is Subhadip and I’ve asked him to write because he is an ‘Ill Gamer’ and he can really bring in some perspective. Please welcome him. Crysis 2 has been out for almost two months now, and since we loved Crysis 1 so much we had to do ... Read More »

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