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EA Press Conference


EA’s big E3 conference was scheduled to follow Microsoft’s and curiously there wasn’t much overlap. It seems EA kept it cards close to its chest when teasing a slew of sequels to its established franchises. There were few new IPs on display and EA probably got the award for the most boring conference at E3 2014. 1. Future of Bioware ... Read More »

BioWare Founders to Get Lifetime Achievement Awards

The Doctors have left behind a massive legacy!

Despite announcing their retirement from video-games industry and resigning from their brain-child BioWare after more than 15 years of hard-work and success, Dr.Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk, most popularly known as the “Doctors” by BioWare fans will be receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Game Developers’ Choice Awards (GDCA). Muzyka and Zeschuk had first met in University of Alberta ... Read More »

Most Anticipated Games of 2011 – Part II

So here goes. Hope you guys enjoyed Part I of this supplement. The Part I had ranking 12 to 6 the games I anticipate the most in 2011. Now comes the real deal. Rank 6 to Rank 1. 6. Dragon Age II You’ve seen me talking a lot about Dragon Age: Origins on this blog. I’m currently still on Dragon ... Read More »

Most Anticipated Games of 2011 – Part I

2010 was a massive gaming year! With big releases like Starcraft II, Civilization V, Mass Effect 2, Bioshock II, Dragon Age – Origins, the gaming industry was pretty much in party mode. You just can’t go wrong with games like these. Then there were couple of surprises too, like Amnesia – The Dark Descent, which broke several records and gained ... Read More »

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