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Diablo 3 : A Single Player Game, But You’ll Always Have To Be Online


As the release of Blizzard’s Diablo III gets closer, the media is whoring out to its developers and publishers for information. A little history here, Diablo is a massively successful single player ‘hack and slash’ RPG game developed by Blizzard. Diablo 2 was released 11 years back, in 2000, and is still played by thousands, including myself. The anticipation for ... Read More »

Batman: Arkham City: Sneak Peak

You heard me talk about Batman: Arkham City in this post. There’s a lot of buzz going around this game, theres lots of anticipation all over, considering how good the first part Arkham Asylum was. The game developers have been slowly releasing bits of information on the game and its gonna look and play like, so this supplement will cover ... Read More »

WTF gaming news article of the day.

Was going through the BBC RSS Feeds when I came across this. A Chinese man has died after a three-day online gaming session in which he did not sleep and barely ate, reports say. The man reportedly lost consciousness at an internet cafe on the outskirts of the Chinese capital, Beijing. He was rushed to a clinic but could not ... Read More »

We all have our 'Gaming Cultures'

All of us gamers have a specific gaming routine, which is very distinct to our personalities, lifestyles, work, career and millions of other factors. I wanted to share the way I game, and would like to know how other gamers keep up with this industry too. My gaming culture is something like this: I have 3 games MAX at one ... Read More »

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