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BYOC 2013, Delhi goes house-full and entertains

It’s halfway through year 2013 and notions haven’t changed a bit about gaming in our career lusty country. Every neighbourhood has a doctor, a philosopher, a cosmopolitan and a bunch of officers, but a professional gamer? None. Parents are adverse to their children living days inside the PCs and consoles. In this hard bent world, Bring Your Own Computer is ... Read More »

How Video Gaming Can Benefit your Office Culture: Game Time


Don’t we all wish that our cubicles were a part of a Counter Strike map and we played the counter terrorists with our bosses in their respective cabins being the terrorists. Use a sleek carbine to blast a hole through an AK-47 wielding dictator. Most of the firms adopt a security strategy of blocking gaming, technology, entertainment sites etc during ... Read More »

BYOC 2012 Delhi: Bringing competitive gaming back on the map


After the bad blood left by the IGC, which was hampered by blatant corruption and inefficient organization, mood around the competitive gaming community was negative, who somehow left with the feeling of being cheated. We got hold of the Street Fighter 4 winner at the IGC, who claims he hasn’t received any of the prize money, nor does he expect ... Read More »

Build up to the Indian Gaming Carnival: Speaking to its organizers


As India’s biggest ever Gaming competition and exhibition comes closer, illgaming speaks to its organizers to know really what they’re upto, what they hope to achieve and what are their expectations. We got to speak to the main guys of WTF Events, the organizer of the IGC. These are the guys calling all the shots, and they’ve given us a nice insight ... Read More »

Dota 2 in full swing production, by Valve??

So today morning I was going through the IGN feeds on my Google Reader and I came across this really interesting bit of news: VALVE’S NEXT GAME If you’ve never played DotA, also known as Defense of the Ancients, trying to figure out how it all works can be confusing. This is especially true if you’re hopping in with people ... Read More »

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