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Piercing the Hype: Hitman Go Review

Piercing the Hype: Hitman Go Review

Developer: Square Enix Montreal Publisher: Square Enix Genre: Puzzle Platforms: Android (Reviewed), iOS Price: ₹300 Agent 47 is on a mission to infiltrate your smartphones and make a successful hit on your wallet. For that purpose, Square Enix Montreal has released Hitman Go, a puzzle game based on the Hitman franchise powered by the Unity engine. Hitman Go is a ... Read More »

Bang Bang Monsters Review

BB Monsters 4

Release Date: 1 November 2014 Platform: Windows Phone (Reviewed), Android, iOS(coming soon) Developer: Nervous Frog Genre: Arcade/Action Shooter/Tower Defence Price: Free to play Developing over an existing idea is never an easy job as most of the time, developers end up creating a re-skinned version of the inspiration game, but at times some developers manage to craft a whole new ... Read More »

Review: Happy New Year The Game

Happy New Year The Game - I

Game: Happy New Year The Game Developer & Publisher: Vroovy, Hungama Entertainment Price: Free Platforms: iOS, Android, Facebook After testing peoples’ patience with a poor performance in the movie, Farah Khan and her crew is back to disappoint you further. The sole purpose of existence of Happy New Year The Game can be boiled down to one thing and that is ... Read More »

Dadi vs Jellies Review

DvJ cover

Developer: Tiny Mogul Games Website: tinymogul.in Price: Free (Optional Microtransactions) Download Link: Google Play If reading that title made you think this is a Plants vs Zombies clone, you would be quite mistaken. Dadi Vs Jellies (DvJ) is a shoot-em-up with elements of tower defence. You play as a rather stylishly dressed Dadi who wields some powerful home-made weapons and ... Read More »

Hues: Review


It is very rare to see a developer releasing their game first on or exclusive to Windows Phone 8 or BlackBerry 10. It’s not that the developer does not want it, this is rather due to the limited marketshare of both platforms. No developer wants to limit the profit potential of their game by releasing it on two of the ... Read More »

Portable Gaming Console – Mitashi GameIn Thunderbolt 2 Review


Specifications Screen: 5 inches (12.7 cm) CPU: Dual Core 1 Ghz Storage: 8 GB in-built Motion Sensors: Built in accelerometer, Gravity Sensor OS: Android Jelly Bean Camera: Single Price: INR 7990/- With so much being talked about the state of next gen and the imminent future of video gaming, what a lot of experts miss out on is the huge ... Read More »

Modi Tsu’namo (Android) review


Title: Modi Tsu’namo Developer: Milestone Interactive Genre: Puzzle Platform(s): Android Price: Free-to-play Google Play Store Download Link Hail OUR ‘Glorious Leader’ After the remarkable success of the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, it seems almost everyone wants to cash in on the Modi wave. In the spirit of celebrating the formation of the new government under our Glorious Leader Shri Narendra Modi, Milestone Interactive has ... Read More »

Trials Frontier (iOS, Android) Review

Trials Frontier Review

Trials Frontier Developer: RedLynx Publisher: Ubisoft Genre: Platform, racing Platform(s): iOS (reviewed), Android Price: Free-to-play Ubisoft just released the follow up to the excellent Trials Evolution, called Trials Fusion for the PC and consoles. Accompanying the release of Fusion, Ubisoft has released its mobile counterpart, Trials Frontier. We loved Trials Fusion, but do we share the same impressions for Frontier? Trials Frontier brings itself as a free-to-play racing game, where ... Read More »

ROTO (Android) Review


Shoot for the Stars in all Black and White! The best bits of Naught 1 and 2 and the spikey things that killed you in the Android rage – 14px collaborate to give you the very best, off-the-cliff, gravity-defying experience, in ROTO. ROTO is a minimalist masterpiece, asking you to go back to the basics of video gaming and kick ... Read More »

Age of Empires coming to iOS, Android and Windows Phone this summer

Age of Empires World Domination

Microsoft and KLab, a Japanese company have announced Age of Empires: World Domination for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini), Android and Windows Phone devices. Age of Empires is an immensely popular PC strategy franchise, and one of the pinnacles of the genre itself. AoE: World Domination will feature a revamped real-time battle system optimised for mobile devices. Players can choose between the Celts, Vikings, Franks ... Read More »

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