Tactical Multiplayer Trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines

The SEGA and Gearbox Software PR today yesterday released a brand Tactical Multiplayer Trailer for their upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines (February 12, 2013).

The trailer showcases the Xenomorph and Marine Special Abilities. Much of it are features we’ve seen in other games, such a Revive Teammate, Smoke Screen etc. We get a glimpse of the number tactical options the player has while playing multiplayer.

The Marines covenant get special weapons such as the flamethrower and the smart gun, apart from the general assault rifle and explosives. Where the Marines involves with the usual marine combat tactics, the Xenomorph covenant (the aliens) has various types of melee attacks at the disposal. There are 3 classes to choose from, when going into battle – Soldier, Lurker and Spitter.


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