Street Cricket Champions 2 arriving on PC this August

Screen Shot 2013 08 07 at 6.15.42 PM Street Cricket Champions 2 arriving on PC this AugustFollowing the successful launch of Move Street Cricket 2 on consoles, Origin Marketing Pvt. Ltd. today announced that Street Cricket Champions 2 will release on the PC this month. Developed by Trine Games, the game will cost INR 299 only. That’s the benefit you get from a complete locally manufactured product!

The Street Cricket series, known for its authentic street locations, will expand on its main unique selling points. Players can choose from the streets and back lots around a variety of locations in India, Pakistan, U.K., Australia, South Africa and West Cricket. Street Cricket Champions 2 promises the truest form of ‘freestyle gully cricket’.

The minimum PC requirements are not yet announced, but the press release sent to us suggests that the game can run on the lowest of configurations.

Chawls, rooftops, parking lots, backyards, all return to the game as playing environments to choose from.

New additions to the series include Bonus objects, which can be bought into play to score bonus runs or get the batsman out. So no more breaking windows of the neighbourhood aunties again. The game also features the unorthodox street cricket rules, like double innings, double wickets those evergreen ‘one-tip-one-hand’ catches.

We can’t wait to get our hands on the game. Stay tuned in for more.

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