Xbox 360 SteelSeries Pro Gaming Headset Connector Review

steelseries hedset connector 360 300x292 Xbox 360 SteelSeries Pro Gaming Headset Connector Review

SteelSeries – Xbox 360 Headset Connector

Essentially it is just a connector between your headset and monitor, the converter plugs into your controller (2.5mm), and both the headphone and mic jacks plug into this converter. The other end of the converter plugs into your TV/monitor’s headphone jack (3.5mm), and with 3m in length, the cable should reach in most cases (standard distance between the player and the monitor should be around 2m). There are 2 plastic lugs used to hold the adapter in position – they fit into holes at the bottom of the standard Xbox controller.

The connector itself is robust (a little plump and pointed cube) and works well with the standard Xbox controller. Unsure of long term durability as I’ve had it for a couple of days only, but it seems well put together. You’d really have to hustle it to damage it.

The only visible problem is that it’s not the most relaxed thing to have on the controller. It’s a bit large and the cables run directly downwards so they get in the way a bit. A lot of cables make life harder; you have the controller cable, headphone and mic cable, plus the connector’s cable. A complicated issue when getting all excited playing a game. Also, a useful addition would be to use a wireless controller, hence you don’t have multiple cables running from the TV area.

To start using it, after completing the connections, press the Xbox Guide button and go to “Personal Settings”, then select “Voice” and set “Voice Output” to “Play through Speakers”.

Overall, this is a very useful piece of kit. It comes in both black and white colours. I’d highly recommend this for serious gamers (especially multiplayer FPS players).

In India it is available for Rs849 across all major hardware retailers and online as well. You can buy one at F.O.G (Federation of Gamers) in Delhi.


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