Sony to unveil the “Future” on Feb 20, PS4 calling?

Illgaming Sony PS 4 event1 Sony to unveil the Future on Feb 20, PS4 calling?

Can’t wait for it!!

News surrounding the PS4 and Xbox720 had got the rumour-mill overflowing for quite sometime now, everyone is eagerly waiting for something juicy to launch. To ease our nerves a bit, Sony took the Twitter stage yesterday to announce a special PlayStation event named “See the future” for February 20, 6:00 PM (EST), in New York.

The confirmed news comes with very little details and is intended to leave us wondering. Sony has created a small page titled “Meeting 2013” on their US-Playstation website; which includes a small 45 sec teaser video showing a lot of flying squares, triangles, circles and crosses, symbols found on a PS controller, with some electro music in background. On the same page, visitors can also register for future e-mail notifications.

The launch of a new console in Feb is a bit of a surprise move from Sony, as according to the previous reports the launch date was towards E3 in June, more in line with the new Xbox launch.

The new consoles from both Sony and Microsoft will be termed as the gen 4 consoles, and will not be in the same category as Wii U, as per Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello. We think he is just being nice towards Nintendo’s Wii U, as these next gen consoles will carry some mind blowing hardware.

Keeping all your questions still unanswered, check out Sony’s PlayStation event teaser video below:

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