Review: Worbble [iOS]

Worbble Review: Worbble [iOS]

Worbble: Word Puzzle

Platforms: iOS (4.3 & Above), Android
Release Date: 07/12/2012
Genre(s): Word Puzzle
Publisher(s): Milestone Interactive Pvt Ltd
Developer: Mile Nine Studios
Rating: PEGI 5+

Searching for a good word puzzle in the App Store is like finding a coin in a fish pond. To ease this problem Milestone Interactive has stepped into the game publishing pool with their first word puzzle, Worbble, available for both iOS and Android. The game is loaded with a certain set of exciting features, distinguishing it from the rest of the pack. It is a refreshing game, if not innovative, good for a mental workout.

The main aim of this puzzle, like any other, is to make words and score points. But the path to a high score is easier told than taken. Worbble is a word puzzle in which a player has to make 3,4,5,6 and 7 letter words from a pool of randomly distributed encapsulated alphabets floating neatly underwater, to reach the minimum score required to clear a certain level. The difficulty increases as per the level.

Powerups and Word Bubbles Review: Worbble [iOS]

Powerups and Word Bubbles

Worbble comprises of two modes, “Word Mode” and “Quiz Mode”, with easy, medium and hard difficulty levels; and each difficulty mode has to be progressively unlocked. In the “Word Mode”, an initial target score along with an Angry Birds style star rating system demanding a set of combinations would be required; a player has to score a particular amount of stars in each mode to unlock the next difficulty mode, for e.g. 11 stars in easy mode to unlock medium. Also, the next level in a particular difficulty can be reached on the accomplishment of the target score only, irrespective of the stars achieved; make big combos to get a good multiplier. In the “Skill Screen” (iLL term for the main playing screen), a lot of randomly floating underwater alphabet bubbles can be found; one has to pop a combination of bubbles to make a valid word; longer the word, more the score. Everything has to be done in the given time frame. Also, the bubbles don’t last forever, they keep on popping and changing, hence the words have to be thought and entered in a jiffy.

While on the mission, a player comes across many power-ups like time pause bubble, freeze frame bubble and time gain bubble; all performing according to their names. This is an important part of the game in order to achieve a high score.

Quiz Mode Review: Worbble [iOS]

Quiz Mode: Do you know the answer or you need a hint?

In the “Quiz Mode”, a player needs to be updated with both news and general knowledge. Questions asking anything from artists to Sachin Tendulkar can be asked. Tapping the answer, letter wise, is a daunting task, given the limited amount of time per question. A grand total of 60 hints (for one time use only, have to be bought if finished) are available to help you in your quest, but these hints are more like playing hangman, with a question sometimes taking more than 3 hints. A player can also skip a question; however, you are only allowed 3 skips per game. Overall a very tough mode as no one has absolute knowledge to keep answering and moving forward, and the hints and skips won’t last forever. An interesting addition would be to sub categorize the “Quiz Mode” into different genres, enabling a player to pick his/her topic of interest.

Aesthetically, it is a very basic game with just about acceptable resolution for the iPad, there is still scope for improvement in this department as retina display is turning into a norm nowadays. The layout is a mix of colour and creativity and will keep the player involved, which is a good thing. Background music is average, and personally I don’t prefer music with word puzzles, it is distracting to say the least; however, bubble popping sound is fun.

Worbble is a game meant for any age group, but it would be a bit hard for 10 years or less, as forming big words is not really their expertise. It is a good mental exercise for the adults and the possibility of comparing your high score through leaderboards with friends will keep one motivated to play on.

The full version of Worbble is available on App Store and Google Play for Rs 55, a lite version is also available for free download. It is advisable to play the lite version first, as not all word puzzles are to everyone’s liking and the competition is quite stiff these days.


The new version of Worbble is definitely more organized and logical. This update comes with a new “Champion Mode”, in which a player cannot reuse a word and has 15 levels to clear. This mode has the same feel of the classic mode, but is a bit hard because of the time limit and minimum requirements per level without any repetitions.

The update also refreshes the whole Quiz mode; it seems like the developers were listening to the needs of the users. This mode now is divided into 9 categories covering all the major fields individually, and also has a “Mixed Bag” level for adventurous people. This is a definite hit and thoroughly enjoyable. The question bank has also been updated.

The future of Worbble seems even brighter as more modes are expected to release, hence expanding their portfolio and giving more options to the players, which is always a plus for any developer and the game itself.


  • Splendid Quiz mode, the new update completes this mode.
  • Necessary inspiration from other games neatly crafted into many aspects.
  • Difficulty of  the game makes it even more challenging.
  • Smooth interface transition.


  • Not available for other platforms like windows 8; under consideration.
  • Unlockables like wallpapers, sounds, themes etc should be added.
  • Music should be calmer.


  • Gameplay Progression: 7/10
  • Graphics: 6.5/10
  • Sound: 5/10
  • Difficulty: 9/10
  • Unique Selling Proposition: 7.5/10
  • illFactor: 7.5/10

Final Score: 7/10 – STRICTLY AVERAGE

This update is as per the latest version 2.0 of Worbble, available for download across App store and Google play.

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