Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 (PES 2012) Details Revealed

Konami has just recently revealed the latest installment to its legendary football simulating game, Pro Evolution Soccer (previously known as Winning Eleven). I have been a Pro Evo loyalist even since Pro Evolution Soccer 4. I’ve been a consistent player of the Pro Evo series and it is amongst our favorite multiplayer game when we get together with a couple of friends. There’s no denying that Pro Evo offers an incredibly immensely deep gameplay engine, incorporating aspects one could only imagine. The sheer realism of the game and the player likeness is stunning!

So, the next Pro Evo, PES 2012, will be out this autumn (they’re always launched PES around the autumn season) and Konami’s bringing in massive improvements to the gameplay. PES 2012, will aim to be the most ultimate and complete virtual footballing experience.

PES 2012 will undergo a major AI overhaul from its predecessor, Pro Evolution Soccer 2011. AI players will make intelligent runs off the ball, which I found out to be a weakness in PES 2011. AI players will constantly be in the search for space, allowing a more wide and fluid attacking game of football.

Tactics freaks and Mourinho fanatics (!) will be in for a ride with massive enhancements in the Defender Positioning and Zonal Marking departments. The Jostling System, which was a great new addition in PES 2011 is said to be more deeper and physically immersive.

We’ll also be seeing major overhauls in the graphics department. Tons of new animations are being added. More advanced lighting techniques will take the graphics to the next level. Distinctive players styles, this time being even more specific, will be incorporated. Pro Evo is the master when it comes to distinctive playing styles of players, I know that from years and years of Pro Evo experience. Dead-ball situations, another weak point in PES 2011, has been breaken down and built from scratch completely. PES 2012 is said to capture “the essence of top-flight football.”

Creative producer Shingo Takatsuka said that the ultimate aim for the series is to recreate “what people see when they go to a match or watch a big game on TV with what they experience on their console.”

Well, I’ll tell you one thing, the Japanese have always marveled the world with their technological advances and PES is another great example of that. Not ever have I played in football sim, as a matter of fact, any sport sim, as deep as PES.

The game, as usual, will be releasing on all major platforms: XBOX 360, PS3, PC, Wii, PSP and PS2. Whats really a great sign about Konami is even in this day and age, it continues it develop all its latest games for the PS2 platform, because it knows that it has a huge fanbase who still use the PS2 as their main gaming machine. Good job!

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