New Deus Ex game in the works?

deus ex missing link dlc bundle 13 ss l 120124133425 1024x576 New Deus Ex game in the works?

Its that news piece that will light up your day, as it certainly did for us. Spotted on the NeoGAF forums, Square Enix has filed for a new Deus Ex trademark, called  ‘Deus Ex: Human Defiance’. This could mean a lot of things, but activating our speculation augmentation tells us this could possibly be a brand new Deus Ex game, a follow up to Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

What lead us to our somewhat foregone conclusion, is that the trademark application, submitted on February 26, focuses heavily on words “computer”, “video”, “game” and “software”.

While we might be speculating the ideal situation, the trademark application could mean a lot of other ‘meh’ things; a new DLC, an iOS port, but lets keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best. If that’s what will get us through the day, so be it!


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