Mod: Play as Iron Man in Grand Theft Auto IV

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GTA is no stranger to weird mods. There is a Punjab version of GTA: San Andreas called GTA: Punjab. There’s also a Skyrim mod for GTA IV. And this is only mentioning a few.

Turns out that even Iron Man can’t ignore the criminal haven that is Liberty City. He wants in on the action, and he’s a superhero, so well, he can have it. And Hollywood is being surpassed by video games anyway, so this seems the viable option.

gta 4 iron man flying Mod: Play as Iron Man in Grand Theft Auto IV

Fly around. Because you can.

The Iron Man IV mod, created by H1Vltg3 & JulioNIB, lets you fly around in your metal casing being Iron Man around the skyscrapers of Liberty City. This mod has been around for a while, as this is the fourth update.

The mod gives you the ability to fly, with those cool gas repulsion thingys fitted below your shoes. You also get Iron Man’s armour, his minigun, shoulder darts, mini rockets and hand and chest repulsor beams. That’s a hell lot of firepower at your disposal. You’re here to protect the city, so it is justified, right? Just don’t go about bombing the guts out of innocent citizens, for there are many cars to send flying. You’re a superhero with super powers, afterall.

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  1. why not you just upload that game you already mod to here and then i can download and play. because to install this any mod on this game is not easy for me.

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