League of Legends introduces Team Builder for faster matchmaking

League of Legends introduces Team Builder for faster matchmaking

Team Builder: the latest innovation in League of Legends (LoL) to come out of the labs of the biggest MOBA studio Riot games.

This champ select screen lets you pick a champion, their role and choose your runes (passive bonus) and masteries (active special skills) at your own leisure. Once you are queued up the team builder fits all the pieces together to make a team, which you can accept or reject, or, simply look for another group, Once everyone is ready your team instantly goes to the loading screen, ready to play against the opposing team.

The main goals of Team Builder is to ensure that queue times/Champion Select times remain reasonable. Team Builder speeds up the matchmaking process, eliminated the pressure against time and reducing queue dodging. So expect less “mid” or “feed” posts, and teams who are better at their jobs. This makes for something very easy and user friendly, giving Riot a big edge over other casual mobs. Games this way are matched as blind i.e. without knowing what the other team is picking, and as of the time of this article, is limited to the Summoners Rift map only. Expect more functionality to come out of this feature as RiotLyte on reddit said:

Because we’re trying so many new ideas in Team Builder, we’re starting with basic functionality for many features in Team Builder–only selecting 1 role, only selecting 1 champion, etc. As we collect the data and determine things like the current wait times to get a match for each role/champion, we can figure out if there’s additional value in giving players even more flexibility and allowing things like multi-champion select or multi-role select.

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