iLL-Termission: 7 Things Hardcore Gamers Hate About This Gen

ill termission iLL Termission: 7 Things Hardcore Gamers Hate About This Gen

Greetings readers. This week, we’re starting 2 new Sunday Features, Extra Baggage and, iLL-Termission. The Extra Baggage feature will include our picks for the coolest mods, free-to-play and mobile games of the week. We decided on going for this one because there’s so much cool stuff on the WWW so wanted to be sure you don’t miss them out!

Our other feature, iLL-Termission is basically a feature where the editors at iLL Gaming sit down and discuss anything related to gaming. anything that comes to our mind, freely. If we think its something we should share with you, we post it!

We start of iLL-Termission with the 7 Things Hardcore Gamers Hate About This Gen


Every time you gain ANY sort of new ability, these splash-screens spring up to “teach” you on how to get it done. Forget about players having brains.

dumbfucks iLL Termission: 7 Things Hardcore Gamers Hate About This Gen

Trust me, this is how developers see us!!

From these tutorials, we sense there’s a hidden message from the developers, that how stupid they think we actually are. What a nice way to pay homage.

“Click the Left Mouse Button to shoot”

YEAH RIGHT!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!


A hardcore gamer’s eternal nightmare popularized by industry’s most respected companies. They were fearful when Wii brought in motion controls. Then came Move and OH GOD Kinect and we all turned into our ancestral primates waving our hands, jumping in front of the TV screen while a room full of people laughed — at us or at the screen? That’s the mystery!

kin iLL Termission: 7 Things Hardcore Gamers Hate About This Gen

What motion control gamer are you?

Hey if you want us to be like our ancestral primates then gaming is NOT the way to go. How about something that actual primates ACTUALLY did, like make free-love???

Lucky Bastards!



stfu iLL Termission: 7 Things Hardcore Gamers Hate About This Gen


If don’t sulk every time you find a casual gamer boasting how good he/she is at flipping birds, then you’re probably not one of us. Worst, casual gaming is not just limited to portable devices now, Nintendo Wii turned gaming from a “basement hobby” to something even your grandma enjoys (which is a good (read: bad) thing). Then came the social gaming and mobile gaming revolution and suddenly gaming became “mainstream”. Many hardcore gamers couldn’t get over that and couldn’t tolerate the new kid on the block who until last year listened to rap music and played sports but now also plays Angry Birds and CoD and occasionally pwns your sorry ass.

You jelly,bro?


Our controversial pick. Checkpoints, most of the times they are so stupidly placed that it either saves every minute or makes you go through the same area again and again and again, simply because the checkpoint was stupidly placed 20 mins apart. Worse, this console tradition has extended onto PC where earlier gamers (a.k.a.  REAL MEN) used to <3 games where you fulfill your OCD by chronically hitting F5 every 20 seconds.


Another opinionated pick. We love controversy! Achievements don’t serve any value whatsoever to the player. Come on eh? I don’t want a notification saying “You have Unlocked the ‘Get your first headshot’ Achievement. Achievements, although a good concept are not implemented how they actually should be. Instead of being just a mere Notification, how about actually rewarding the player? (This does not hold true for some game clients)

achie unlock iLL Termission: 7 Things Hardcore Gamers Hate About This Gen

This is one achievement you should (not) be unlocking instead

6. DLCs

Lolwut?! Back in the day they were called expansion packs! And they had REAL actual content! Not just $2 horse armour or mechanics that should actually have been part of the real game. Or worse, the DLC is ALREADY on the disc and you just need to pay up to get a code that will unlock the DLC. It’s really just another way the publishers can rip off every penny the gamer’s ever saved up. Pointless!


pcuser iLL Termission: 7 Things Hardcore Gamers Hate About This Gen


What? This game doesn’t support SFXAaaa AAF, ambient occlusion and every other weird obtuse PC setting that all of 0.001% gamers care about?! > IMMA SLASH MY WRISTS!!!

With the amount of delayed and second-rate ports the PC has been getting over last few years, PC elitists have essentially become whiny kids who point & cry at every non anti-aliased pixel on their screen and then blame it on the developers. OK we understand, it does seem disheartening when your favourite sequel just got a bummed-out PC version while all the consoles get the bells and whistles, our suggestion, get over it. That’s something neither us nor the devs can do anything about, its a business decision coming in from the suits, and it controls our lives, sadly.


  1. dude people like achievements im an hardcore gamer and i love all the achievements they give me stuff to do that i wouldnt normally do but is fun

    • Achievements are stupid.

      • I like achievements for the simple fact that they actually make me play a game longer then I normally would. If anything, they give you goals to hold your attention a little longer and spend more time playing a game.

    • You’re not hardcore, hardly anyone is anymore.

      Hardcore was importing Japanese games that would never see the light of day in the west and trying to understand it just so you could play it.

      Hardcore was completing Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts in an arcade on a single credit

      Hardcore was paying upwards of £250 per game on the Neo-Geo

      Hardcore is NOT Fifa, Madden, NHL, CoD, Halo, Battlefield etc etc. You are the CORE audience, MAINSTREAM. There’s f*ck all thats hardcore about it, simple as.

  2. Number seven is If anything console fanboys are the most whiney self righteous cry babies. They want everything their way or they will either sue the game developer or sign an online petition to have their own way put right.

  3. What hardcore gamers REALLY hate is games that are easy as hell and dont put much of effort. Eg same franchise last gen had much bigger maps and more gameplay mecahnics, now its 3 times shorter and it is filled with scripted events all the time. Eg max payne 3, for the love of god, let me collect ammo after i kill the enemies dont teleport me to the next area and seal the way back. Whats the freaking point?

    Also dlcs, why? becauses its content removed from the game for an already lacking 60 bucks game, to be sold as extra.

    The pc port part is a bit missunderstood.

    There are retarded faggot elitists that bash cod because it doesnt look as good as the high end super dupper dx11 games and talk bullshit like “no one buys this shit” and think that games need a 120+ field of view to play it. But there are also tons of bad ports that the industry clearly needs to adress.

    You cant pick up the console version, put it on pc locked out without graphical settings(its a matter of lowering settings so you can run the game wel,not having them there just for sake of havnig them) and lock a 55 fov into the game which is clearly designed for consoles and gives headeaches from close up on pc screens. Its a matter of havign super rigs and not runnig games well because the developers dont care about you. If you gonna releasea cheap port, price it 40, not 50 which is the price of an actual fit to play on pc game and most certainly not 60 bucks which is what games cost on consoles due to royality fees.

  4. Ad. 5
    Look out … achivement. First of all we have to realize what achievement really is.Quoting Oxford Wordpower its ‘ something that you have done successfully, especialy through hard work or skill’. So its all about success, failure, skilled work and objectives. In game you always know when you do something successfully or not. You know because you got objectives, game rules and so on and its simple. In case of ‘achievements’ devs dont give you any chance to know rules, objectives or aims so conclusion is: ‘achievements’ system is a TOOL, it’s pointless for gamers, but it can be crucial for marketing, stats, research etc. (BIG BROTHER BIG SCALE observation). I find even more trivial reason for me against achievements as gamer: they are disturbing, distracting and annoying popups.

  5. You are what I hate most about gaming this gen, passive idiot consumers who will not stand up for themselves. Those pc gamers sure are a bunch of whiny idiots! I mean they don’t suck devs from the front and felch them from behind! I bet they’ll even complain when they get a substandard port! haha console gamers don’t do that!

    I’ll put this in terms you might understand, imagine if a pc game gets ported to consoles, yet the developers didn’t even bother to make the controller work, i.e. you had to go out and buy a keyboard just to play, well, the exact opposite of this scenerio played out with the release of the dark souls pc port (which came out a year later, yet still currently costs 40 euros on steam). You’re telling me that gamers should accept things this?

    I am a bit peeved, not because you made fun of my favourite high tech gaming platform, but because this kind of passive idiocy with money not only exists, but you laugh at those who won’t take it.

    Why would you give to developers who view you as a consumer as loose change?

  6. You forgot #8…

    Passing a list off as news.

    • It’s listed under features and not news. Also who the hell cares, if u don’t like the title don’t read the article.

      Einstein – universe, people, stupid, infinite.

  7. Number 7 Should Have Been:

    Dodgy, Buggy as Hell Controls and UI simply because the Developer / Suits were too lazy to spend a small amount of time and resources designing one that works on PC. Instead they directly port it over to PC, nothing I hate more than playing a PC game and thinking ‘Yep, this was made for consoles first’ …

    Eg. Skyrim,
    Within a month, SKYUI was released and corrected that issue. The team behind it were only several guys doing it because they are passionate PC Gamers, not a multi-million dollar developer.

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