How Video Gaming Can Benefit your Office Culture: Game Time

Don’t we all wish that our cubicles were a part of a Counter Strike map and we played the counter terrorists with our bosses in their respective cabins being the terrorists. Use a sleek carbine to blast a hole through an AK-47 wielding dictator.

Most of the firms adopt a security strategy of blocking gaming, technology, entertainment sites etc during work hours. But, everyone needs a break here and there from the daily procedure of working their ass off.
Illgaming feels that there should be a 1 hour ‘Game Time’ in between the daily work schedule to give a boost of that last drop of motivation and energy. This article will mostly discuss what all and how much of it can be played in Game Time and how much beneficial it will prove out to be!

As there are many people and an obvious LAN connection in our offices, we can play most of the multiplayer games, with low system requirements ofcourse. Some of them are discussed below:

-One hour is a lot of time to snipe your boss’s or colleague’s head multifarious times in a game of Counter Strike.

-Though DOTA can be quite challenging to learn for some slow movers aka corporate idiots, but a good game of it will finish in 45mins and with at least 5 happy people.

-Quake 4 Arena is an all time favourite, with the rocket launcher or the BFG tearing apart the flesh and bones of anyone coming in the way. You can frag your opponents centipedal times in 1 hour.

-Age of Empires/Mythology, Rise of Nations, Warcraft can all be played once and enjoyed in an hour’s period, as they are the best games available to deploy tactics and plan scenarios.

-Sports games such as FIFA, NFL, NHL etc are always attracting competition in the vs mode. A true game should be played for 6 mins per half or 4 mins per quarter.

-One on One, vs mode, action games such as Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat are leeches of excitement. Plentiful K.O.’s can be achieved in an hour’s break.

There are countless other games which can be played and enjoyed during the Game Time. But, Illgaming’s main objective was to illuminate the much needed break which more and more companies are slowly dissolving into an extra work hour.

What will be so chILLing about the ‘Game Time’??

* Team work and a healthy competition amongst the employees will help build up a more friendly atmosphere in the office and the team will understand each other better, hence out-performing themselves.

* Employees will try to finish their stacked up work at the earliest in lieu of the ‘Game Time’. A rule from the childhood, ‘finish your milk and then you can go to play’, will keep the worker both motivated and happy.

* Companies can deploy this strategy to understand an employee in a better way. What makes him/her work harder? Why was he/she not performing as expected? How does a particular employee approach a situation? Etc etc.

* Informalizing the relationship with your boss and building a much needed ideology bridge.

* Last but not the least, a golden opportunity to attract your boss into an equal showdown. The one who wins is better, at least in the game. icon smile How Video Gaming Can Benefit your Office Culture: Game Time

So friends, folks, foes let us all promote ‘Game Time’ as a necessity and prove that it is not a deal breaker. I’m sure there’s a gamer in each one just waiting to be found.

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