Great Games on Windows Phone Part Two

Last week, we did a post on five games that are essentials if you own a Windows Phone. We’re not done yet. Today, we recommend another five games for this underrated platform.

1.Vala Alpha

vala1 Great Games on Windows Phone Part Two

This game does not have a story mode and it is not visually stunning but you will still play it because of it’s addictive gameplay. Vala Alpha is a twin shooter where you control a mech and you are bound to go nuts with the mech because, well, unlimited ammo. The game may sound easy but it is not, the amount of enemies you face is overwhelming, considering you are given only one life. The developer has also promised future updates, and the icing on the cake is that it is completely free, no microtransitions or advertisments.

Vala: Alpha – Free – Store Link

2. Throne Together

759x 1 Great Games on Windows Phone Part Two

The guys at Microsoft Studios really know how to give old games a modern look and feel. Throne together looks like a Tetris inspired game but it is a lot more than that. Your objective is simple join the rocks to build the specific shape or complete the objective. The game is also available on Windows 8 PC’s and both versions sync effortlessly. The earlier levels in the game are easy but the later levels in the game can be very frustrating and may force you to buy special rocks and different materials. Many people have also complained about Facebook integration not working but things were comfortable on my side. The only down side is game’s free to play nature. After playing for few minutes you will run out of time and have to pay money, this is a Microsoft game after all. But don’t worry, you will still enjoy Throne Together, rest assured.

Throne Together – Free – Store Link

3. FIFA 14

fifa 14 front Great Games on Windows Phone Part Two

The wait is over, Fifa 14 is finally on Windows Phone. The game is identical to the other versions available on iOS and Android. Game looks fantastic and controls great. Some new tweaks have been made in the gameplay and they work perfect with the gameplay. Fifa 14 is free to play but it includes microtransitions. Bad news is that game is only available for 1GB Ram smart phones, we are sorry Lumia 520, Lumia 620 and Lumia 720. The game also supports Xbox integration so get ready to earn achievements.

Fifa 14 – Free – Store Link 

4. Hexic

 Great Games on Windows Phone Part Two

I know you are sad because Candy Crush Saga has yet to come to Windows Phone, I cannot help in this situation but I can give you better alternatives. Hexic is basically a glorified version of Candy Crush Saga, the difference being that candy is replaced by geometrical figures and an amazing  background score. Free To Play integration is also very similar to Candy Crush Saga, besides this Hexic is a great game and totally deserves your attention.

5. Skulls Of Shogun

1E502958D676A93EC7234250D2C5FA h498 w598 m2 Great Games on Windows Phone Part Two

Ever heard of this game? Skulls of Shogun is a turn based strategy game developed by indie developer 17Bit. It is the first game to have complete sync between Xbox, Pc and Windows Phone. This game saves the data in cloud so that you never stop playing, whichever device you are. This game is a bit challenging so I recommend trying it before buying it. Local and Online Multiplayer are an absolute blast and if you enjoyed the campaign you will definitely enjoy multiplayer.

Skulls Of Shogun – Rs 260 – Store Link

We will be bringing more games to you soon so stay tuned and don’t forget to mention the game you want to see in the list in the comments section below.

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