Flipkart sells sealed EA Game with tampered serial number

Where do I start from? The bad luck or the good part of it? Ok. After about a year of playing my heart out on Battlefield 3 for PC, I thought let’s start some real war on my PS3. After all, what’s better than getting a grip on the basics of BF before Battlefield 4 hits the world amok. I safely logged into my Flipkart account and managed to find a BF3 for PS3 Standard Edition, and at good value for money. Flipkart is India’s biggest online retail services, that caters and delivers anywhere in India. Wait the story ain’t over.

I did get the parcel of BF3 only after pleading to the delivery boy to deliver the box on the very day it is listed for delivery in the confirmation mail. It’s India, you either beg or steal. Now let’s come to the stealing part. I did unbox Battlefield 3 and found the disc intact (a rare miracle if you’d ask me). However, I found to my dismay that the online gameplay password has been tampered, gummed with a piece of paper and rewritten. Of course someone used it to create an account. All this while the BF3 cover was sealed from the inside. Basically I’m looking at three types of jokers here, EA, who are making us all proud with their stellar price hikes, Milestone, who is the EA distributor in India and of course Mr. not so nice “Harvey Dent” Flipkart themselves. To manufacture and package a game disc with fraud password, to sell it in India, and to deliver the same at my doorstep is a simple three process crime that needs to be heard and judged by gamers who look up to these bunch of people. I have already mailed them regarding the same, with a line saying that if you aren’t listening to me, I will write about you tomorrow. The result? No reply. Been like 20 hours already.

The good part about all this is that:

A.      This is a living proof of how callous and inhumane EA as a developer company and brand identity is.

B.      Flipkart has no idea how to recheck their products and keep healthy consumer relationship. They are pure middlemen who deliver a parcel from Point A to Point B.

And surely all these points doesn’t justify or melt me down as an avid game lover. The fact is, a fraud is a fraud, and if you look at the pictures, you will see how easily both EA and Flipkart wanted to give a Noob the time of his life. Why will a person purchase a game if his online privacy has been used up already?

This has happened to me over the last 24 hours and as a reviewer/critic/gamer I have taken this up as my article. I’m sure there are tons of incidents happening to commoners that are simply killing the love for games. Especially in India. It’s like they say, you get your job done, I get mine done. Well played EA/Flipkart, very well played indeed.

Please spread this news amongst your mates, so that we come to know what lies behind the wall.



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