Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Soundtrack now available for preorder on iTunes

PG ep1b 300x300 Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Soundtrack now available for preorder on iTunesEveryone’s excited about Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. If you’re not, you need to check your horses. FC3: Blood Dragon looks like the ultimate faux pas amongst current games, going against the trend of believable personable narratives. From the initial looks of Blood Dragon, it is clear that Ubisoft wants a product that is over-the-top on purpose. We’ve got to wait till the launch of the see how it actually play.

On an alternate road, the FC3: Blood Dragon soundtrack is now available for preorders on iTunes and will release May 1st. The soundtrack is also offered to all PC digital preorders and with the PC retail version of the game. (yaay PC!)

The soundtrack contains 25 original tracks from the group Power Glove. To listen to some of their work you can visit their SoundCloud page. We’ve embedded a track over here for your ears and pleasure. Check them out, they’re pretty good.

We will be getting our hands on the game soon, and we’ll do our best give out information as fast as we can. Stay tuned!

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