Extra Baggage: Checking out DD Tank, a Free-To-Play Browser game

Extra Baggage Extra Baggage: Checking out DD Tank, a Free To Play Browser game

DD Tank – A Free-to-play Browser Game

In this week’s Extra Baggage, we look at Chinese developer The 7TH Rd’s DD Tank, a free-to-play PvP turned based browser game, available on the online portal Gamiction. Gamiction hosts a total of three games, the popular Rising Saga, Wartune, and DD Tank.

Logging into Gamiction is a breeze as you don’t need to create a separate account, you can simply use your Facebook ID and password. DD Tank advertises itself is being friendly to both male and female gamers, and that is clearly evident from the general art direction of the game. It is colourful throughout, the background score and music are delightfully cheerful. DD Tank is not meant for hardcore gamers, it comes of as casual, like most Facebook and browser games.

pow Extra Baggage: Checking out DD Tank, a Free To Play Browser game

Don’t let the cheerful fun-loving chubby characters deceive you.

You start the game by selecting your character from two options: male or female. There are no character classes, although you do get the opportunity to build your player the way you want to, as the game progresses. After a short tutorial on the basic mechanics of the game, or lack there-of, you’re good to go. The controls are straight forward, the arrow keys to move your character, and the space bar to shoot.

DD Tank follows a turn-based PvP format, where it pins you against an opponent. You’re supposed to fire projectiles at your turn, by correctly powering up the power bar for your projectile. You can use power-ups that do extra damage if you have them. Opponents have various tricks up their sleeves to attack you, like use multi-arrows, or get an extra turn. The combat is light-hearted fun, and it doesn’t require neither much of your attention. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be hitting 95% of your attacks. The challenge lies in what power-ups and weapons you gather to make your shots more lethal. You can also customize your avatar’s armor, all which are unlocked during the course of the game.

You can battle anyone ranging from other online opponents to in-game enemies, which you have to defeat to complete quests. Completing quests gives you access to unlockables. The character design throughout the game is very Pokemon-ish, that is, adorable and chubby. This stays true to the general game design overall. You can also join guilds and take part in Team battles, which are surprisingly fun and challenging, but then again, if you’ve done it once or twice, you get the hang of it.

marriage 300x186 Extra Baggage: Checking out DD Tank, a Free To Play Browser game

The Wedding Chapel is a surprisingly amusing feature

Apart from PvP battles, there is a lot more to do in-game. The launch screen features the Game House right in the middle, which is where you go to progress in the game. Surrounding the Game House, there’s the Armory for weapon fortification. There are various shops to purchase items with your in-game coins or real money. There are other generic activities, like Hall of Fame, Auction House, Community, and League. One amusing feature is the Wedding Chapel, where your character can marry another of the opposite sex, and enjoy exclusive bonuses.

Bottom Line: With its cheerful art direction and surprisingly easy gameplay mechanics, DD Tank is a nice casual game to pick on if you have time to kill or don’t want to put much effort. It will keep you busy for hours because there are gazillions of unlockables.

Recommendation: Hardcore gamers stay away, but office-goers with a lot of time to kill at the cubicle can play this, since it works straight from the browser. No download and installation required. Female casual gamers can also give this a try, as they might relate to the cheerful backdrop and music.

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