Extending Apple’s Legacy – iPhone 5

‘The Precious’ is finally here, ‘One phone to rule all’; at least that’s what they say. Apple has a history of toying around with numbers; they make their own ex-product sound like shit in front of their new born prince. 7.6mm thin – World’s thinnest smartphone, 20% lighter at 112 gm, 1136×640 pixels – that’s 326ppi, 2x faster, 22% smaller chip, 25% smaller camera sensor, Lightning- 80% smaller dock connector and $199 on a 2-year contract in the US.

“OH MY GOD!! My iPhone 4S is garbage, now I can’t carry this crap, the new iPhone 5 has everything, it’s the best phone in the world, I will buy it on the very first day no matter how many kilometers long the queue is; even though I don’t really know the definition of Retina Display, or how many cores the A6 chip has, it just sounds cool, or I cannot really differentiate between the size of the new and the old camera sensor. I just want the iPhone 5, because it’s the best phone in the world”. This is exactly what 80% of the new potential iphone buyers are thinking. Shit, I used a number!

Not taking anything away from Apple, they have surely come out with a very beautiful phone yet again. It is light, elegant, splendid, powerful and can talk in a better way too; The main point is that the stakes are higher than ever now; on launch it might have outsold the condom sales of 21st September, but the competition is very fierce and companies have really learned and implemented/ripped off a lot from the Apple-Samsung saga. Either way, it is a decent step forward.

* What looks ILL – Extremely thin and light, Amazingly rich in colour and bigger screen, 4G- ultra-fast broadband speeds, Smaller chip – hence more energy efficient, Enhanced GPU promising console like graphics, even though we are still not convinced, but lets just keep it in the pros for all the hype, Lightning- the 8 signal dock connector, and finally the iOS 6.

* FAIL – No NFC Screen, screen size of 4-inches might seem small in front of the gigantic android powerhorses The camera should have been more than 8MP, and the price without the contract, it might just demotivate you.

 Extending Apples Legacy   iPhone 5

iPhone 5 – The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone

Now, the question is – Should you really buy the new iPhone 5? Is it worth upgrading from the old iPhone 4S? or should you give away your GS III / One X for the ‘Superman’ on the shelves. And the answer is very simple – illgaming doesn’t care, because we know that this phone will kill it, majority of you will buy it, no matter the specs or the competition, and if all the new iphones bought in the next couple of months will be stacked together,then it might reach the moon. This is the harsh/sweet reality of the Cupertino Genius. “Some companies don’t really need to climb the mountain, when they can fly.”

So people, the new launch is exciting, scintillating and boring. Do what you gotta do!

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