Day 2 at the India Gaming Carnival (IGC): Let the games begin, finally.

After failing to organize anything specific on Day 1, disgruntled participants left the venue with a bad taste for the IGC and WTF Eventz, the company organizing the IGC.

Sure, serious gamers did come back on Day 2, because of the lucrative cash prizes announced, and because they did spend a lot on travel expenses to Delhi – NCR, but casual gamers were out of the scene. Most people we spotted on Day 2 were the ones present on Day 1, they’re mainly semi-pro gamers who cant ignore such an event. The gaming lives on!

dsc 3904 Day 2 at the India Gaming Carnival (IGC): Let the games begin, finally.

The good thing about Day 2, what was least expected, the gaming was underway.

So as the illgaming team started making rounds around the venue. The event, in general, is still way behind the promises made by the organizers, but the positive thing was, that the gaming had started, which is eventually what its all about right? The visitors are not even 1% of what the organizers told us before event. They said they were expecting 1,00,000 (1 lakh) visitors a day, I doubt they’ll be more than a mere 1000.

dsc 3922 Day 2 at the India Gaming Carnival (IGC): Let the games begin, finally.

The illgaming team, looking ill!

Almost all the games were underway, everything was smooth, until I got an update from the Blizzard and Battlefield Community heads: Starcraft II and BF3 were dropped from the event!! Bug surprise! The Blizzard guys were busy setting up the hardware all day long on Day 1, eventually they couldn’t garner enough support from the organizers so the organizers planned to ditch it. This confirms my conviction on WTF Eventz being a bogus organization. All all the promises made were false.

dsc 3916 Day 2 at the India Gaming Carnival (IGC): Let the games begin, finally.

Pro Street Fighter 4 player NiN, all the way from Japan, posing for an exclusive photo with illgaming.

While taking rounds at the Ayatti Convention Centre, I managed to spot the area where the Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds competition were taking, and thought I’d give it a go. I’m a Fruit Ninja Pro! So I bought myself a ticket and went underway. The tabs being using for mobile gaming were actual pieces of junk! The frame rate was nowhere close to what the iPads and Androids acheived, the screen quality was way too bad, visibility was ultra-low in sunlight, and the touchscreen, the worst I’ve ever laid my fingers on.

dsc 3902 Day 2 at the India Gaming Carnival (IGC): Let the games begin, finally.

Ultra low cost Zync pads were being used for Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds. These devices are crap quality in all senses. Low specs, shit display etc.

Its a low cost pad, and this is what the winners of the Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds competition win. I wouldn’t even take this for free. I normally score about 600-700 points in Fruit Ninja in Classic Mode on my my iPod touch. Three attempts on this piece of junk hardware and I never managed to cross 200. FAIL!

Once again, as the day draws to a close, there were no signs of any seminars, rock shows and after parties being held at the IGC, as promised by the organizers. They shouldn’t have ever organized such a event. Below is a slide show of random pictures by illgaming on Day 2, check it out!


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  2. Just correcting you there – NiN is from Korea, and he is a pro Tekken player.

  3. your staff took coverage videos..where can i find it about the indian gaming carnival..

    • Thank you for you interest! The videos have been edited and should be on the blog by Sunday! In order to stay posted, please subscribe to the blog.
      The delay occurred due to a plugin problem with wordpress, which has been sorted out now because we now have HTML5 coding.

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